COVID-19 Resources

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For instructional support, you can contact the Academic Learning Transformation Lab (Online@VCU) with your detailed request by filling out this form.  

For additional technical support for centrally-supported systems, you can send an email with your requests to or open a Blackboard ticket at

References to COVID-19 resources posted by VCU –  VCU Alert – Watch for new postings and current advisories.
Keep on Teaching – Instructional support for academic continuity, remote/online teaching resources.
VCU COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – The latest updates for the VCU and VCU Health communities.
VCU Health News Site – The latest COVID-19 information posted for the VCU Health community.


Faculty who need help with University Supported Applications should email



If you have questions or need assistance with Blackboard, Kaltura, VoiceThread, or Collaborate Ultra click the button to the left to enter the details of your question and someone will get back to you.

Students and Non-Consultation Requests

        Please contact the IT Support Center:

Blackboard’s SaaS/Continuous Delivery Update – February 2020

As you know, we recently migrated to Blackboard Learn SaaS Q4 2019 (3700.0.0). This means Blackboard Learn is hosted, delivered, and managed using a modern cloud-computing infrastructure as the environment for our software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment. 

Easy updates, without interruptions.
Users will experience the most recent version of Blackboard Learn without significant downtime or service interruptions. For end users such as yourself, you should not have noticed any changes to how you maneuver around the Blackboard environment.

Beginning next week, the Blackboard Learn SaaS Q4 2019 (3800.0.0) release for Continuous Delivery will be delivered to our system. There will be NO downtime. Moving forward users can expect there will be updates approximately once per month, again, with NO downtime.

Please see the Release Notes for Learn SaaS for more details on what will be updated.

Important Blackboard Collaborate Update

Large events that may have over 250 concurrent users must be requested.  Find out more!

Blackboard Mobile Apps - iOS 13 Issues

With the release of iOS 13 Blackboard has identified multiple issues in both the Blackboard and Blackboard Instructor Apps.  Find out more!

Upcoming Impact to SCORM with Google Chrome Version 80

Google Chrome will release version 80 of Chrome to users which removes key functions that may impact a user’s ability to complete SCORM-related Assignments and Assessments. For more detailed information, go to the Learning Systems Blog.

Who We Are

A team of skilled individuals - Technical System Administrators and Experienced Learning Support Specialists.

  • The perfect blend of skills to facilitate delivery and support of teaching and learning technologies
  • Alignment of resources to support innovative uses of technology in education
  • Organizationally positioned in Academic Technologies, an integral part of Technology Services

What We Do

  • Aligning resources and skills, Learning Systems supports the innovative uses of technology in education by maintaining and supporting specific technologies identified by the University for teaching and learning.
  • Maintain and ensure consistent functionality and data integrity for all LS systems.
  • Provide technical expertise.
  • Deliver specialized end-user support.

Click here for a list of system and tools we maintain.

How We Enhance It

Learning Systems collaborates with departments throughout the University to explore new technologies that provide faculty with the necessary tools and resources to create technology-enhanced courses that will engage their students. Learning Systems maintains and supports a variety of tools, applications and integrated components to enhance the primary systems we provide.

  • Coordinate pilot programs, implementation and maintenance of add-on components and applications.
  • Explore new technologies.
  • Upgrade systems and their components to ensure compatible versions are in place.
  • Collaborate with other VCU departments and schools, and other Universities.
  • Implement and maintain integration with other campus systems.

Click here for a list of enhanced tools we maintain.

How We Support It

  • Timely communication of information to faculty, staff and students
  • Email, phone, or virtual (i.e. Zoom) support
  • Develop and maintain documentation of online and printed resources for faculty, staff and students.
  • Respond and resolve help requests from faculty, staff and students.
  • Perform routine system maintenance and monitoring.
  • Plan, communicate and implement system upgrades and fixes.
  • Utilize all resources--maintain dynamic working relationships with vendors and their support technicians.
  • Outreach - participate in campus events to promote our services and answer questions.
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