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VCU Massey Cancer Center


National clinical trial collaborators

Many of the clinical trials at VCU Massey Cancer Center are offered as part of a collaborative effort among multiple cancer centers and research facilities organized into national or regional groups. Working in unison, members of these groups offer the same studies and follow the same protocols for each trial. The protocol is a study’s game plan that each researcher follows to the letter in order to insure the consistency of the data collected and the integrity of the results drawn from the data.

Currently, Massey participates in or has access to trials from 8 consortia:

By partnering with these groups, Massey benefits in several key ways. Enrolling participants in multiple locations means a trial can reach its enrollment goals sooner, accelerating the research. In addition, cooperative trials give Massey researchers more patient data to share and compare. By reporting and sharing data based on the exact same protocols, more investigators can work together to determine the next new best standards of care.

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