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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Head and neck cancers multidisciplinary team

The Head and Neck Cancers Team at VCU Massey Cancer Center consists of national leaders in cancer care and research from multiple disciplines who work together to provide the highest-quality diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers. By pooling their expertise, our doctors are able to give the most comprehensive advice and information. Massey’s experts partner with the Department of Otolaryngology’s Head and Neck Surgery team at VCU Medical Center.

How a team approach benefits you
Convenient location and access
We want to answer your questions

How a team approach benefits you

The Head and Neck Cancers Team works closely with other specialties to individualize and maximize therapy for head and neck tumors. This close collaboration not only improves standard treatment options but also provides patients access to state-of-the-art surgical procedures involving skull-base tumors and utilizing free flap reconstruction. In addition, combined chemo-radiation therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy have, in part, been developed at the VCU Medical Center and are extensively utilized treatment options.

Services include:

  • Multi-specialty consultation in one place at one time 
  • Rapid diagnosis and evaluation for early detection of cancers 
  • Full array of surgical and reconstructive options, including new forms of surgical treatment to preseve organs 
  • State-of-the-art treatment options in radiotherapy and chemotherapy 
  • Opportunity to enroll in clinical trials of new and promising forms of treatment 
  • Advanced noninvasive tumor staging to design the most appropriate treatments 
  • Evaluation for tumor recurrences and the need for continued therapy
  • Risk evaluation

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Convenient location and access

The Head and Neck Cancers Team is located at Massey’s flagship location on the MCV Campus just off Exit 74C of I-95 in downtown Richmond. Free valet parking is available for your convenience. If there is anything we can do to make visiting us easier for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

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We want to answer your questions

The Head and Neck Cancers Team believes in patient involvement. We encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have. Here are some of the questions we hear most frequently:

What is different about the Head and Neck Cancers Team and why should I see them?
The Head and Neck Cancers Team provides the only comprehensive diagnostic and treatment for head and neck cancers in the Richmond area. It is staffed by leading specialists who also conduct research that leads to improved treatments for head and neck cancers. Many of these treatments are only available at major academic medical centers like the VCU Medical Center. You will find it convenient to be evaluated by a group of closely collaborating specialists in one place at one time rather than having to go to a number of specialists at different locations. By pooling their experience and working together, doctors can make the best decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment and give you the most comprehensive advice and information.

Who should see the Head and Neck Cancers Team?
Patients with a suspected or diagnosed head and neck cancer may be seen for evaluation and treatment. Many patients come for a second opinion. Since our specialists are on the leading edge in diagnosis and treatment, you will know that you have explored the best available options wherever you may decide to go for treatment.

How will the Head and Neck Cancers Team help me?
Doctors and nurses will examine you for possible disease using the latest diagnostic techniques.

How soon will I know the results of these tests?
In some cases, recommendations can be made during your first visit. If additional diagnostic testing is necessary, the physician or nurse will call you as soon as all of the results are available and will explain their meaning to you.

Which specialists will I see?
Depending on your condition, you are likely to see a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist and a radiation oncologist who will all evaluate you from their perspective for the best possible treatment.

Will I be able to decide which treatment I will have if there are different options?
Absolutely. If a treatment plan is necessary, all steps and options will be clearly explained to you. The doctors and nurses will make sure you have all the information you need and help you make an informed decision.

How can I get more information?
For additional information, to schedule an appointment or if you have questions or would like to discuss your situation with the patient coordinator, we encourage you to call (804) 828-5116.

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