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Community research

As part of our Community Outreach and Engagement activities, the Office of Health Equity and Disparities Research maintains an active portfolio in external research funding form diverse sources. Please follow the links below to learn more about our research teams and active research studies. 

The purpose of the Cancer Disparities and Minority Health Research Initiative is to facilitate research collaborations across disciplines with the ultimate goal of improving cancer outcomes for individuals in the Massey Cancer Center catchment area. According to the National Cancer Institute, health disparities are adverse differences between certain population groups in cancer measures, such as: incidence (new cases), prevalence (all existing cases), morbidity(cancer-related health complications), mortality (deaths), survivorship and quality of life after cancer treatment, burden of cancer or related health conditions, screening rates, and stage at diagnosis.  People in the populations of focus may be characterized by race, ethnicity, disability, gender and sexual identity, geographic location, income, education and other characteristics. Generally, people who are from low socioeconomic backgrounds (poor, lack health insurance, and are medically underserved with limited or no access to effective health care) often bear a greater burden of disease than the general U.S. population.  Your participation in these research studies is important.  Everyone needs to be represented!  We look forward to hearing from you.


Research teams


Active research studies

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