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Research computing

The Biostatistics Shared Resource Core is supported by the cluster computing system for the VCU Department of Biostatistics, which serves faculty and students for high computational research, as well as supporting studies in biostatistics and bioinformatics:

112 Processor Beowulf Cluster ( fail over master nodes) [View Image]

112 2.66GHz Xeon X5550 processors
32GB 1033 GHz RAM per node (13 nodes)
64GB 1033 GHz RAM per node (1 node for now)
2x146GB 10K RPM SAS drives per node
8 TB NAS (centralized network storage)
Gigabit networking
Software installed on the cluster

R with CRAN packages and BIOCONDUCTOR packages
C++/G++ compilers
JAVA compiler
Perl compiler
PBS Pro (a portable batch system for cluster)
Additional open source software upon user request

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