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Tina L. Bachas Nursing Award

Massey Cancer Center is pleased to announce the annual Tina L. Bachas Oncology Nursing Research Awards to advance oncology-nursing research. Tina served as Massey's first director of oncology nursing and she and her husband have committed their support in honor of Dr. Walter Lawrence, Jr. who Tina worked with throughout her tenure at Massey.

Tina L. Bachas Oncology Nursing Research Award - Project funding up to $25,000

The intent of this award is to support nurses in a broad spectrum of oncology research endeavors. Research projects may range from basic laboratory-based research to clinical research to evidence-based quality-improvemet projects. The projects must be led by a registered nurse and focus on some aspect of cancer. 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants should be a registered nurse with a current license and directly working in oncology. 
  2. This award is geared towards clinical nurses, Nurse Managers, Nurse Clinicians and Nursing Directors wishing to conduct projects that lead to improvements in standard of care for patients with cancer. 

Current Cycle Documents:

Tina L. Bachas Oncology Nursing Research Award - November 2020 RFA

Tina L. Bachas Oncology Nursing Research Award - Application Form

*Applications DUE: January 8, 2021

*Earliest START Date: March 21, 2021


Upcoming Dates:

Massey's internal funding program, including the Tina L. Bachas awards, is currently undergoing review by senior leadership. Once this review is complete, we will announce the future plans to membership and post the new dates in the table below. Thank you for your patience in the interim.

Request for Applications Issued (RFA)

Final Applications DUE





 Interested researchers or for assistance accessing related program information, please contact:

Olivia Patterson, MAOL
Research Programs Coordinator
VCU Massey Cancer Center 
Office: (804) 628-3400

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