VCU has established standing internal groups to guide the planning process:

  • The Board of Visitors is being briefed on the Master Site Plan progress at their quarterly meetings and has the ultimate authority for adoption of the final plan.
  • The Executive Sponsors is composed of senior leadership including the Provost and Vice-Presidents, the President's Office, VCU Health System leadership and University Counsel. A subset of this group forms the Executive Sponsors Prioritization Subcommittee, which provides frequent guidance to the process.
  • The Facilities Planning Steering Committee is composed of nearly 50 members, including several members of the Working Group and the functional leadership covering every area of operations for the University and VCU Health System. This Committee includes student, faculty and staff representatives as well as representatives from the VCU Board of Visitors and the VCU Real Estate Foundation.
  • The Master Plan Working Group is composed of facilities planning leadership from across the University and VCU Health System along with other directors associated with space use, allocation and community engagement. Members of this group will work with the planning consultants on a regular basis to guide the process. This group includes student representatives.
  • Over the course of the planning process, Focus Groups may be formed as individual topics arise that need a finer-grain level of analysis.
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