Design Phase - Introduction

April 24, 2018

The Design Phase is the third phase of the ONE VCU Master Plan process, and is an opportunity to evaluate concepts that explore different site capacities, program adjacencies and locations, open space organization, and campus connectivity strategies. During this phase, the planning team will develop and weigh detailed ideas for campus utilizing the Planning Principles and Concept Framework as a guide. The team will conduct three on-site workshops where they will meet with specifically formed focus groups and the governance committees to review the planning concepts. The April workshop focused on the Monroe Park Campus, the May workshop will focus on the MCV Campus, and the June workshop will focus on campus edges and campus connectivity. 

During each workshop, the focus groups, which include the Working Group plus members from each campus, including faculty and students, will meet for a four-hour design work session. The planning team will introduce the key issues and opportunities for the campus then walk with the group to see these key areas. The walking tour provides an opportunity for the stakeholders to see the campus with fresh eyes and with the planning opportunities in mind. Following the tour, the planning team will present the design concepts during an interactive session that allows stakeholders to provide feedback and suggest alternate solutions. Together, the planning team and the focus group will evaluate concepts and alternatives for new and existing buildings, campus land use, gateways to campus, student housing, recreation and athletic facilities and improvements to the open space network, circulation, parking, and service. The feedback from the work sessions will be vetted through the governance committees and will be used to create a draft plan and preferred solutions.  

On walking tour during design phase workshop [View Image]

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