Environmental Survey Phase - Initial analysis and stakeholder feedback

November 17, 2017

Between October 30, 2017 and November 2, 2017, the VCU planning team conducted 27 stakeholder meetings and interviews, engaging with 106 individuals. During each stakeholder meeting, the planning team gave a brief introductory presentation about the Master Plan process and schedule then asked the following six questions to frame the conversation:

  • What are the major strengths of the existing campus?
  • What are the major weaknesses of the existing campus?
  • What are the priorities/greatest needs for your unit?
  • What physical or programmatic strategies would enhance the ONE VCU concept?
  • Where are the ‘front doors’ for campus?
  • What is the greatest need for the physical campus?

The answers to these questions were documented and analyzed to see where there were consistencies and differences in opinion among the stakeholders. The Planning Team generated word clouds to summarize the key ideas from each question.

Major strengths of existing campus:

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Major weaknesses of existing campus:

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Physical or programmatic strategies that would enhance "ONE VCU":

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"Front Doors" for campus:

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The Planning Team also hosted public input sessions in five locations over three days to gather additional input about the physical campus from a larger cross-section of the VCU and local community. At each location there was a series of posters laid out on tables. Each poster included a campus map with a different question. Participants were asked to place a colored dot on the map to indicate their response to the following questions:

  •           Where do you live?
  •           What is your favorite place on campus? Why?
  •           What is your least favorite place on campus? Why?
  •           Where do you study/collaborate on campus?
  •           What venues and resources do you utilize on campus? (for community members)

More than 400 members of the VCU, VCU Health and local communities who provided their input on the physical campus during these sessions. 

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