Monroe Park Reopens

October 8, 2018

Monroe Park, one of Richmond’s oldest and most historic parks and public spaces, officially reopened on September 27, 2018 after the first comprehensive renovation since its creation in 1851. Public green spaces like Monroe Park play an important role as an amenity to the university and to the community, especially in an urban setting like Richmond.

The Monroe Park Conservancy, a coalition of representatives from the City of Richmond, VCU and the community, raised $3 million for the renovation. This was matched by a $3 million grant from the city to complete the funding for the first phase of the renovation. Moving forward, the Conservancy will be responsible for capital improvements and Phase II construction in the park. The Conservancy has a 30-year lease with the city to operate and manage the park in cooperation with the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities.

Monroe Park Reopening, shot of fountain [View Image]

The park is owned by the city and remains a city park, subject to all city rules and regulations that govern the city’s public spaces. The Conservancy will manage the programming in the park and VCU will provide maintenance of the grounds, including trash removal. Safety and security in the park will be shared by the Richmond and VCU Police Departments. The Checkers House, a central park structure, is restored to accommodate a police substation to be used by both RPD and VCUPD, and security cameras are installed throughout the park.

Monroe Park will be open dawn to dusk. For more information about the park, how to reserve space and other rules and regulations, please visit the conservancy website at

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