ONE VCU - Revised Themes

May 14, 2018

Fully embracing the ONE VCU Master Plan process means incorporating EVERYONE who uses the VCU campuses. This includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community but we also can’t forget the most vulnerable population – patients and visitors on the MCV campus. Creating the ONE VCU Master Plan means developing a plan that supports both the University and Health System.

What is ONE VCU?

ONE VCU reflects the commitment to a common vision and alignment of values and goals that transcends our parts to enhance our community's well-being and advance the VCU enterprise as a nationally preeminent urban public research university and academic health center.

How does the Health System Master Plan fit into the plan?

The Health System Master Plan serves as a foundation for planning on the MCV Campus. The ONE VCU goal is to incorporate key aspects of the Health System Master Plan while also discussing overlaps and partnership opportunities with the University for the remainder of the sites.

So, what are the key takeaways?

ONE VCU is a vision for a collaborative roadmap for the University and Health System. It will transform the physical campus in a way that makes it more accessible, welcoming, and uniquely VCU in character and quality. It will also transform the indoor and outdoor environment in a way that promotes innovation and excellence, showcasing areas of national prominence, patient care, and community engagement.

Previously, the Planning Team established five overlapping themes and guiding principles that emerged from a large cross-section of stakeholder engagement sessions to support a vision for ONE VCU. A sixth theme and additional language has been added to reflect important aspects of the Health System and the MCV Campus that were not clearly addressed in the original five themes. Text in bold shows those changes.

Student SuccessEnsure student success and well-being through high-quality and appropriate teaching, learning, study and living spaces.

Patient Experience: Design and develop spaces, facilities and amenities that allow for enhanced safety and patient experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Program SynergiesAdvance a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration and discovery by developing shared spaces that inspire community, partnerships, research, innovation, and creativity.

PlacemakingCelebrate and enhance VCU’s unique urban setting and rich history.

Mobility and Safety: Promote a walkable, accessible, safe campus which is easy to navigate for the entire VCU community: students, patients, visitors, faculty, staff, alumni, and neighbors.

Unify the Campus: Strengthen the heart of each campus and the collective VCU identity through strategies that connect the campuses to each other and to the city of Richmond.


Updated themes, changes are in blue

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New Patient Experience Theme

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