Themes + Issues Phase - Ongoing engagement and fast track priorities

February 1, 2018

In December and January, the Planning Team continued to engage stakeholder groups, including alumni and students, and made presentations to the Board of Visitors and Real Estate Foundation. The Planning Team worked with the Master Plan governance committees to review the existing conditions analysis and vet initial themes that summarize the key issues and opportunities for the physical campus. These themes will be further developed during the remainder of the Themes and Issues Phase in order to establish Guiding Principles based on a common vision and approach to the campus structure. The goal is for the ONE VCU plan to create a roadmap that will:

  •          Transform the physical campus in a way that makes it more accessible, welcoming, and uniquely VCU in character and quality.
  •          Transform the indoor and outdoor environment in a way that promotes innovation and excellence, showcasing areas of national prominence, and community engagement.

During each workshop, the Planning Team met with a subgroup of the Executive Sponsor committee to provide updates on the Master Plan progress and discuss emerging priorities. An early priority that is being fast-tracked in the Master Plan process is identifying the Front Doors for VCU. During January, a ‘Front Doors Committee’ was created to inform and guide this process. The Planning Team held a kick-off meeting with this group to better define the role of a front door, confirm front door locations, and brainstorm the appropriate aesthetics and scale for VCU. This fast-track process will occur over the next four months in order to establish a vision that will improve the first impression of VCU, strengthen the arrival experience and wayfinding around campus, and enhance VCU’s overall sense of place and identity. 

DRAFT Front Doors identification

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Identifying front door stratetgies that feel appropriate for VCU

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Identifying front door strategies that do not feel appropriate for VCU

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