Themes + Issues Phase - Public Engagement Feedback

March 30, 2018

The Planning Team provided a progress report of the ONE VCU Master Plan during three public engagement sessions in late February. The comments received at these and previous public meetings, through the website and on social media are a vital part of the planning process as they help to shape and refine the plan. The Planning Team listened and reviewed these comments with members of the internal VCU governance committees and have already begun to incorporate them into the planning process.

Some comments were directly related to the Guiding Principles and diagrams presented during the meetings and these recommendations led to updated content. For instance, when it’s new Transit Network Plan launches, the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) will create a new route #5 that will travel through the Monroe Park campus and stop at the transfer plaza at 9th and Marshall Streets, a block from the MCV campus. This route is now highlighted in the concept plan. Additionally, we heard from a citizen that we should consider adding a “Front Door” location on N. Cherry Street where it intersects with Cary Street. We agreed and that is now reflected in the concept plan.

Updated concept map

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Other comments were more general and will help inform the Design Phase. Many people commented that they are pleased to see that the ONE VCU plan is highlighting the importance of mobility and safety and that the Planning Team is coordinating closely with the City of Richmond. Parking (cost, location, and quantity) is a concern for both the VCU and Richmond communities. The findings and recommendations from the Parking and Transportation Study will be available this spring and will inform the concepts and recommendations in the ONE VCU plan. The data from that study will also be shared with the City’s Richmond 300 master plan to support their efforts. Another common statement across each meeting was the desire to see sustainability highlighted more throughout the Principles. This comment was also made during the Board of Visitors meeting on March 22, 2018. The Planning Team is looking at more direct ways to highlight and include sustainability in both the Guiding Principles and the Design Phase.

Please check back in April for more information about the Design Phase process


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