Themes + Issues Phase - Refinement and public presentations

February 16, 2018

The Planning Team spent the last four months engaging a large cross-section of the VCU and Richmond community to develop an Environmental Survey of the campus. The outcomes from this survey will be used during the Themes and Issues Phases, to develop Guiding Principles and a Concept Plan. The Concept Plan will illustrate the structure, layout, and relationships of planned open space, circulation systems, buildings, gateways, and focal points. The Concept Plan will be unified by a shared commitment to developing VCU’s campuses in ways that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.

So far, five overlapping themes and guiding principles have emerged from the robust stakeholder engagement sessions, input sessions, and physical campus analysis to support a vision for ONE VCU. These themes include:

·         Student Success: Ensure student success and well-being through high-quality and appropriate teaching, learning, study and living spaces.

·         Program Synergies: Advance a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration by developing shared spaces that inspire community, partnerships, creativity, and innovation.

·         Placemaking: Celebrate and enhance VCU’s unique urban setting and rich history.

·         Mobility and Safety: Promote a walkable, accessible, safe campus which is easy to navigate.

·         Unify the Campus: Strengthen the heart of each campus and the collective VCU identity through strategies that connect the campuses to each other and to the city of Richmond.


On February 27 and 28, the Planning Team will give public presentations that summarize the existing opportunities and challenges for each campus and the high-level themes that will serve as the foundation for the Design Phase of the Master Plan. The presentation is an opportunity learn more about the Master Plan process, see the results of your feedback to date, and ask questions of the Planning Team. 


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