The ONE VCU Master Plan process began in October 2017 and concluded in March 2019 with adoption by the Board of Visitors. The schedule below provides an overview of the planning process, with descriptions of what occurred during each phase of the planning process. 

Phase Descriptions

Environmental Survey: An assessment of existing conditions as well as the perspective of stakeholders on VCU's campus needs and opportunities.

Themes and Issues: A synthesis and summary of the findings from the Environmental Survey and the identification of priorities and principles to inform the coming planning and design efforts.

Design: The active exploration of individual solutions, system-wide improvements or integration and scenario modeling to collectively assess potential campus development.

Draft Plan: The synthesis of interrelated planning solutions identified by the stakeholders as a cohesive, supportive campus and facilities response to the University's priorities and strategic direction.

Final Solutions + Implementation: A refined presentation of a final comprehensive fabric of campus development solutions, coordinated and presented to those who participated in the planning and are charged with its implementation.

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