Math Circle

Do you enjoy puzzles, curious patterns, and surprising math problems? Do you want to explore new topics in mathematics in a casual, collaborative atmosphere? Then come join us for a series of fun afternoons with VCU math faculty! All 8–12 grade students who have an interest in math and like to learn new ideas through interactive exploration are welcome to sign up for this free program. No particular prior knowledge is needed; curiosity is required!

Our program for the Spring 2020 semester will take on two fascinating topics:

  1. February 23, March 8 and March 22: Finite methods for infinite processes.
    We often have to use finite tools to grapple with the notion of infinity. For instance, when you write a computer program, you want to know that it always does the “correct” thing even when there are infinitely many possible inputs. We will discuss several topics from the intersection of mathematics, logic, and computer science that outline strategies to address this problem.
  2. April 19 and May 3: How to eat chocolate and grow weeds.
    In these two sessions we will explore two more classic games that reveal clever mathematical ideas and techniques.

If you are interested but would not be able to attend all five of the dates, that is probably fine? Please just let us know when you register.

Time:       1:00 - 2:30 pm
Dates:      February 23, March 8, March 22, April 19, and May 3, 2020
Where:     VCU Monroe Park Campus (building and room numbers, along with parking info, emailed to you upon registration)

Please email with any inquiries or to sign up!

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