Statewide Master’s Degrees Program

The Statewide Master’s Degrees Program is sponsored through the VMSC through a Governing Council with a subcommittee structure which deals with admissible programs and partners.  Reuben Farley was a co-founder of this program in the early 1990’s and served as Chair of the Governing Council until 2011.  The master’s degrees offered through this program are administered through the individual partner universities whose programs are admitted based on cooperative development among partner institutions along with institutional commitment to accept a minimum of 15 transfer credits from partner institutions.  There currently are two sets of degree programs offered:

Mathematics Specialists Master’s Degrees Program:  The Statewide Master’s Degrees program plays a key role in special master’s degrees for Mathematics Specialists awarded across the state, since much of this work has been done through grants and institutes at which credit was awarded by numerous program partners.  The ability to liberally transfer credits among partner institutions practically eliminates concern about what institution is awarding the credit in institutes or even in on-line offerings.

Secondary Mathematics Education Master’s Degree for In-Service Teachers:  A recently developed master’s degree program for in-service secondary mathematics teachers is led by Radford University in collaboration with VCU and the MathScience Innovation Center.  The first cohort in this program began their studies in summer 2011.  Teachers in this cohort are completing on-line courses offered by Radford University and in-person courses offered by VCU.  Aimee Ellington and Bill Haver in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are the VCU program leaders.  They are joined by Rebecca Segal, Reuben Farley, and others who are teaching VCU courses in the program.  The VCU mathematics courses which have been taught by VCU faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics include: Advanced Calculus for Teachers, Algebraic Structures for Teachers, Linear Algebra for Teachers, and Using Technology in Teaching Mathematics.  The Applied Statistics for Teachers course is taught by a VCU faculty in the Department of Operations Research and Statistical Sciences.

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