Kelly Flounlacker

Kelly Flounlacker [View Image]

Department: Neuroscience

Education: B.S., Bioinformatics, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2017

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Thesis adviser: Pamela Knapp, Ph.D., Anatomy & Neurobiology

Research interests: Neurodegeneration, Glia, Neuroimmunity

Personal bio: My interest in science began at a young age and continued into my college education. I began college studying engineering at JMU only do be disappointed by the lack of biological science education in my curriculum. This lead me to transfer to VCU and begin my bioinformatics training, which allowed me to explore my aptitude for programming as well as delve deeper into my understanding of science. In my free time I enjoy listening to Brian Eno (and other music) and playing with my cat on my balcony.

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