Maria Bent

Maria Bent [View Image]

Department: Neuroscience

Education:  B.S., Marine Biology, University of North Carolina,Wilmington [View Image]

Thesis adviser: Jennifer Wolstenholme, Ph.D., Pharmacology and Toxicology

Research interests:  Learning, Memory, Alcohol, Epigenetics, and Transgenerational Effects


  1. Rowson, Sydney A., Mandakh Bekhbat, Sean D. Kelly, Elisabeth B. Binder, Molly M. Hyer, Gladys Shaw, Maria Alexis Bent et al. “Chronic adolescent stress sex-specifically alters the hippocampal transcriptome in adulthood.” Neuropsychopharmacology 44, no. 7 (2019): 1207.
  2. Shaw, Gladys A., Mandakh Bekhbat, Sydney A. Rowson, Maria Alexis Bent, Georgia Hodes, Elisabeth Binder, and Gretchen Neigh. “Female wistar rats with a history of chronic adolescent stress demonstrate decreased hippocampal DNA methylation in adulthood.” Psychoneuroendocrinology 100 (2019): S25.
  3. Hyer, Molly M., Gladys A. Shaw, Samya K. Dyer, Maria A. Bent, and Gretchen Neigh. “Chronic adolescent stress alters learning and cognition in adult female rats.” Psychoneuroendocrinology 100 (2019): S36.

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