Martina Hernandez

Martina Hernandez [View Image]

Department: Neuroscience

Education:  BS, Chemistry (Biochemistry concentration); minor Biology, VCU (2017)

Hometown:  Suffolk County, NY and Halifax County, VA

Thesis adviser:  Audrey Lafrenaye, Ph.D.. Anatomy and Neurobiology

Research interests:  Traumatic brain injury, neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and glial cell biology

Personal bio:  I have always had an interest in sciences, and it followed me into my later years of schooling where my interest lied primarily in the biological/biochemical sciences. Early in my undergraduate degree at VCU, I had decided I wanted to pursue research in cellular and molecular neuroscience and joined the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Dupree, looking at the axon initial segment and microglia in EAE and MS. Currently, I am in lab of Dr. Audrey Lafrenaye, where my project focuses on the cellular and molecular components of neuronal membrane disruption following traumatic brain injury. Other things I enjoy are watching television series, reading/listening to various genres of books, baking, yoga, creative writing, as well as spending time with my family and cat.

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