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Animal and tissue imaging laboratory

The Center for Molecular Imaging has a dedicated laboratory for animal and tissue imaging, enabling both ex-vivo and in-vivo information to be obtained from the same subject. The laboratory is equipped with a beta counter (LS6500 multipurpose Scientillation Counter, Beckman/Coulter) and a gamma well counter (1282 Compugamma CS, LKB Wallace) for radioactive counting of fluid and tissue samples.

For ex-vivo autoradiographic imaging, the center is equipped with a whole animal and tissue cryostat (CM3600, Leica) and a phosphor imager (BAS5000, Fujifilm), providing 50-100 μm resolution for microscopic tissue analysis.

The center also houses an R4 in-vivo animal scanner (Siemens, formerly Concorde) that allows rodent imaging of radiolabeled Positron Emission Tomography molecules with a resolution of ~1.5-2mm. The analysis of images obtained from this scanner is usually co-validated by the microscopic ex-vivo images from the autoradiographic phosphor images.

The center will soon be equipped with a new animal PET/SPECT/CT system and optical imaging devices for both bioluminescence and fluorescence, molecular tomography with capabilities for imaging quantum dots, and other fluorescent nanoparticles.

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