Online Course: Call Me By My Name in Talent@VCU

If you do not have access to Talent@VCU, please access the course here:

VCU’s IExcel education offers 2 courses which are specifically relevant to CMBMN Both of these courses are available upon request to offer to units, organizations and groups at VCU

GENDER: BEYOND THE BINARY S946 - For faculty and staff
Attendees of this 90-minute seminar will leave with better knowledge of who genderqueer and non-binary people are, a stronger grasp of terminology and definitions to guide inclusive language practices, and increased awareness of the current social and political context as it applies to genderqueer and non-binary people.

I’M COMING OUT SC1051 - for students
This course explores the tensions surrounding issues of outness and visibility for LGBTQ+ people. This course explores how LGBTQ+ individuals navigate visibility, particularly in regard to issues of representation and presentation, and in relation to social spaces and institutions.

A letter to colleagues: A way to talk to colleagues about your name and pronouns

VCU Libraries LGBTQ wellness guide: resources for accessing LGBTQ affirming health care:

VCU Libraries LGBTQ research guide

Information for healthcare workers working with LGBTQ patients

Faculty Resource Guide

HR Resource Sheet


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