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June 2018

April 2018
    • Congratulations Capstone and VIP Team for presenting at the VCU College of Engineering Science Expo!!
      Action shot of the Capstone Team: Robert Grizzard, David Langston and Alfred Anderson!
      Capstone 2018 [View Image]
      Parital Group shot of the VIP Team: Abigail Byram, Brandon Watts, Yadu Pillai, Perray Saravanane, Andriy Mulyar and Cristian Romero-Fuentes!
      Capstone 2018 [View Image]

  • Congratulations NLP Lab and Nanoinformatics VIP Team on their poster presentations at the VCU Undergraduate Research Symposium!!!
    Congratulations Abbie Byram and Brandon Watts!
    Brandon Watts and Abbie Byram 2018 [View Image]
    Congratulations Robert Grizzard!
    Robert Grizzard 2018 [View Image]
    Congratulations Clint Cuffy!
    Clint Cuffy 2018 [View Image]
    Congratulations Andriy Mulyar!
    Andriy Mulyar 2018 [View Image]
    Congratulations Megan Charity!
    Clint Cuffy 2018 [View Image]
    Congratulations Robert Kalish, Jacob Jaminet and Perray Saravanane!
    Clint Cuffy 2018 [View Image]

  • Congratulations Clint Cuffy on being highlighted in the 2018 Research Weeks Undergraduate Researchers!Clint Cuffy 2018 [View Image]

February 2018
  • Congratulations Abigail Byram on winning School of Engineering Computer Science best TA Award!!Abigail Byram 2018 [View Image]
November 2017
  • Congratulations Clint Cuffy, Jeffrey Smith and Jennifer Fore for their presentations at the Dean's Undergraduate Research Symposium. With a Special Congratulations to Clint Cuffy for winning second place which was a prize of $200!!
    Congratulations 2nd place winner Clint Cuffy!
    ClintCuffyDURI2017 [View Image]
    Congratulations Jennifer Fore on her awesome presentation!
    JenniferForeDURI2017 [View Image]
    Congratulations Jeffrey Smith on his awesome presentation!
    JeffSmithDURI2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Abigail Byram and Andriy Mulyar for winning the 2018 VCU Dean's Undergraduate Research Initiative (DURI)!!
  • Congratulation Ali Senhaji on his internship presentation for his research on document classification for the Framework for Nanotechnology Discovery. Ali worked in the lab Spring-Summer of 2017! Stay tuned for a paper describing his work!

    Ali also won the Erasmus+ Scholarship study at the University of Eastern Finland next semester (Spring 2018).

    Way to go Ali!!
    Ali Senhaji 2017 [View Image]

September 2017

June 2017
  • NLP@VCU has two papers accepted to BioNLP year! Congratulations Sam Henry and Clint Cuffy!
    • Evaluating Feature Extraction Methods for Knowledge-based Biomedical Word Sense Disambiguation. Sam Henry, Clint Cuffy and Bridget McInnes. In Proceedings of the 16th Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing (BioNLP) at the Association of Computational Linguistics, 2017.
    • Improving Correlation with Human Judgments by Integrating Semantic Similarity with Second--Order Vectors. Bridget McInnes and Ted Pedersen. In Proceedings of the 16th Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing (BioNLP) at the Association of Computational Linguistics, 2017.

May 2017
  • Congratulations Megan Charity for being one of four (out of thirteen) to win the NAACL Scholarship to attend the 2017 Annual Jelinek Memorial Summer School on Speech And Language Technology being held at Carnegie Mellon University Language Technologies Institute!
  • Congratulations Alex Mcquilkin (and his graduate student mentor Sam Henry) for winning third place in the 2017 Virginia Junior Academy Science Annual Research Symposium for math, Statistics, and Computer Science category!
  • Congratulations Alex Mcquilkin and Henry Roberts for the Dean's Early Initiative (DERI) presentations!
    Congratulations Alex Mcquilkin and his Graduate Student mentor Sam Henry!
    DERI 2017 [View Image]
    Congratulations Henry Roberts!
    DERI 2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Graduating NLPers: Edwin Lobo, Rashed Rashed, Josh Ramer, Kyle Ellis, Payal Shah and Jordan Tang!
    VIP Team Members: Edwin Lobo and Rashed Rashed
    Graduation [View Image]
    Capstone Team Members: Kyle Ellis and Payal Shah
    Graduation [View Image]
  • Congratulations Sam Henry for winning the School of Engineering Graduate Teaching Award!SamHenryGTA2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Clint Cuffy on winning an Undergraduate Research Summer Fellowship for his proposal on Identifying relations in biomedical text for literature-based discovery!

April 2017
  • Congratulations to the Backlog Boys and Girls of the CIT for their awesome presentation on the VCU Biomedical Visualization Project. You can see their presentation here. Stay tuned for the release of their system!
    Thank you Nick, Grant, Jocelyn, George, Reece, Luke, Amelia, and Jack!
    CIT 2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations to the 2017 Capstone and VIP Nanoinformatics Teams for their presentations at the VCU Senior Design Expo!Capstone_2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Kyle Ellis, Payal Shah and Jordan Tang! You can read more about their project here!VIP_2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Yilong Wang, Megan Charity, Jasmine Norman, Ali Senhaji, Jeffrey Smith and Clint Cuffy! You can read more about the VIP Nanoinformatics team here and here!

March 2017
  • Congratulations Sam Henry on being awarded the Computer Science Teaching Assistant of the year two years in a row!Sam_Henry_2017 [View Image]
  • The VCU NLP lab has three posters accepted at the VCU Undergraduate Research Symposium!Clint_Cuffy_UROP_2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Clint Cuffy on his UROP Symposium poster!Megan_Charity_UROP_2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Megan Charity on her UROP Symposium poster!Josh_Ramer_UROP_2017 [View Image]
  • Congratulations Josh Ramer on his UROP Symposium poster!

February 2017
  • Congratulations Megan Charity on her CAPWIC poster presentation!Megan_Charity_CAPWIC_2017 [View Image]

November 2016
  • NanoNLP in Engineering Weekly! See the full article here!Nanoinformatics [View Image]
  • Congratulations Sam Henry on finishing his PhD Preliminary Examination!

September 2016
  • Congratulations Sam Henry on his abstract "Semantic Relatedness for Literature Based Discovery" being accepted to the American Medical Informatics Association Graduate Student Consortium!

June 2016

May 2016
  • Congratulations Gabby Jones for giving an impressive presentation at the 2016 DERI symposium!Gabby Jones 2016 DERI Symposium [View Image]

April 2016
  • Congratulations Marley Hodson, Tanin Izadi, Ivan Jimenez, Ryan Murphy, Gabrielle Jones, Bridget McInnes and Nastassja Lewinski for their abstract being accepted at the 2016 nanoTOX conference!
  • Congratulations Gerard Briones, Ellen Korcovelos, Ryan Murphy and Keith Herbert for presenting their research at the VCU Undergraduate Research Symposium on April 20, 2016!Gerard Briones [View Image] Ryan Murphy [View Image] Ellen Korcovelos [View Image]
  • The VCU NLP Lab had three SemEval 2016 papers accepted this year! Congratulations Gerard Briones and Sam Henry!
    • VCU-TSA at Semeval-2016 Task 4: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter. Gerard Briones, Kasun Amarasinghe and Bridget McInnes.
    • VRep at Semeval-2016 Task 1 and Task 2: A System for Interpretable Semantic Similarity. Sam Henry and Allison Sands.
    • VCU at Semeval-2016 Task 14: Evaluating Similarity Measures for Semantic Taxonomy Enrichment. Bridget McInnes.

  • Congratulations Ellen Korcovelos for her poster being accepted at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC)! You can see Ellen's abstract here.

March 2016
  • Congratulations Sam Henry on being awarded the Computer Science Teaching Assistant of the year! Here is the VCU NLP Lab celebrating with Sam!Mountain View [View Image]
  • Congratulations Ellen Korcovelos and Megan Davis for their first place finishes at the CAPWIC 2016 poster competition and flash talk! You can see Ellen's poster here and view Megan's flash talk here.Mountain View [View Image]

November 2015
  • Ellen Korcovelos presented her work on the Prediction of Lexical Anomalies (POLA) at the VCU Fall 2015 Undergraduate Research Symposium! You can see her poster here.

August 2015

June 2015

March 2015
  • Dr. McInnes gave a talk at the Department of Biostatistics, Virginia Commonwealth University.

February 2015
  • Dr. McInnes gave a talk at the Hermitage Technical Center to computer science high school students.

January 2015
  • New semantic similarity paper!

August 2014
  • New semantic similarity paper!

July 2014

June 2014
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