Go Green Program

VCU Parking & Transportation strongly supports efforts to reduce campus emissions and is committed to providing alternative transportation options for the entire VCU community. In addition to taking advantage of our free intra-campus transit options like RamRide and RamSafe, we also encourage students, faculty and staff to utilize other modes of "green" travel whenever possible.

Take a look at the various sustainable transportation alternatives we support:

Carpooling, riding the bus, biking and walking are all great for the environment and can help you save money on commuting costs. To meet parking demand now and into the future, VCU and VCU Health System are working together to encourage alternatives to driving alone for employees. Consider turning in your parking permit today in exchange for current incentives. REGISTER NOW.

Zimride logo [View Image]

Zimride is Virginia Commonwealth University's private social network for ridesharing. Have a car? Split the costs by driving fellow VCU community members. Don't have a car? Find a ride where you need to go. You save money, protect the environment and have more fun when you ride. Add your ride today: http://zimride.com/vcu.

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No car, no problem! Zipcar provides the ride by the hour or by the day. Low hourly rates include gas, insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and 180 miles! Learn more at http://zipcar.com/vcu




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RamBikes, operated by VCU's Office of Sustainability, is dedicated to promoting bicycling as a safe, fun, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation option for the VCU community. VCU RamBikes is your campus resource for biking safely and enjoyably around campus. Visit the RamBikes shop at 201 N. Belvidere St. (at Grace Street) for more information about bike loans, biking in RVA, benefits of biking, tire inflation facilities, Fixit self-repair stands, and more! Learn more at bikes.vcu.edu.

ev charger [View Image]


If you drive your electric vehicle to campus and park in one of our facilities, you'll have a place to charge up! Two 240 volts, L2 EV charging stations are located in the West Broad Street Deck on the Monroe Park Campus and in the N Deck on the MCV Campus. These charging stations can charge a vehicle in one to four hours. VCU is the first university campus in the state to acquire the L2 charging stations.


Air compressor on VCU's campus [View Image]

Six FREE air compressors are available on the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses:

  • Mobility Hub, Floyd between Cabell and Student Commons
  • Linden St. walkway by Oliver Hall
  • Johnson Hall, south side walkway


  • Mobility Hub, Leigh St. and 10th St. at the MCV Bookstore
  • Hunton Hall, north entrance
  • Larrick Student Center, main entrance

These new air compressors provide fast and easy free air for your bike or car. Proper air pressure in your tires can result in more even wear, leading to fewer repairs and replacements. It can also lead to better fuel mileage in your vehicle.