‌RamRide is a shuttle service that travels to VCU's remote parking facilities. Buses operate Monday through Friday, and service is free for all VCU students, faculty and staff with a valid VCUCard. While RamRide does not have a set schedule,  passengers can track the status of each shuttle and estimated arrival times by downloading the VCU Ride Systems mobile app, also available on VCU Mobile. For transportation service between VCU's campuses, visit our GRTC page.

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COVID-19 Update:

On Thursday, June 11, RamRide will resume normal service in M Lot, R Lot and A Lot with physical distancing measures in place. RamRide buses will operate at fifty percent capacity, accepting between 14 to 16 passengers on each bus, depending on vehicle size. All passengers must wear protective face masks upon boarding, and hand sanitizer will be made available at the front of the bus. Passengers should allow extra time in their commute to account for delays related to reduced occupancy. To reduce the potential spread of infection, guest passes have been suspended until further notice.

We remain committed to providing a safe and responsible transportation service for all VCU and VCU Health System faculty, staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Protecting riders’ health and safety throughout this pandemic is paramount. Accordingly, the following guidelines will be in place to keep critical services functioning and accessible. View the RamRide COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.

How to Use RamRide

  1. Download the RamRide Bus Tracker via the VCU Mobile app or visit https://ramride.ridesystems.net/. All active routes will populate on the map.

  2. Click on your stop and view the estimated arrival time(s).

  3. Wait for the bus at the designated RamRide stop.

  4. Once passengers have disembarked, board the bus and swipe your VCUCard on the side of the door.

  5. Take a seat, and enjoy your ride!

RamRide Route Details 

Download a copy of the RamRide routes: RamRide Route Map [PDF]

Does GRTC's Pulse or Route 5 fit your commute? View our Monroe Park and MCV Campus Bus Map [PDF].

View the rules for boarding RamRide buses: RamRide Safe Boarding Procedures [PDF].

An accessible text description of each route is available by clicking on the route name. 

RouteOperating Time(s)Available Stops
A Lot RouteMonday through Friday, 4am to 8pm
  • A Lot Extension
  • A Lot
  • Sanger Hall
I Lot Route

Monday though Friday, 5:30am to 8pm

  • I Lot
  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (On 8th Street)
  • The intersection of 8th Street and Leigh Street
  • The intersection of 11th Street and Clay Street
  • J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (On Jackson Street)
  • McGuire Hall
M Lot RouteMonday through Friday, 5am to 12am
  • M Lot
  • The intersection of 14th Street and East Main Street
  • Sanger Hall
  • The intersection of 14th Street and Bank Street
R Lot Route

Monday through Friday,
6:30am to 8:30am; 4:30pm to 6:30pm

R Lot is serviced by the M Lot bus during all other times

  • R Lot
  • Sanger Hall



Lost Items: VCU Parking and Transportation maintains a separate lost and found inventory via the web application Crowdfind. The Crowdfind system is designed to make it easier for students, staff and visitors in the area to easily search electronic files for a lost item and file a claim for the item at any time from any device, once they are able to positively identify and confirm that the item belongs to them. If you believe you left an item on a RamRide bus, please visit the Lost & Found section for retrieval instructions.

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