VCU Medical Laboratory Professions

As a Medical Laboratory Professional you are a valuable and highly skilled member of a professional team living these challenges every day. 

You have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including hospital laboratories, business organizations, and research universities. 

In hospitals you may practice transfusion medicine, chemistry, histology, hematology, immunology, microbiology, cytology, toxicology, including forensic toxicology or molecular diagnostics. At a Carnegie Research University like Virginia Commonwealth University you may play an active role in cancer or genetics research. 

The doors to your advancement are wide open all along your career path through completion of higher education programs and professional certifications. As an experienced laboratorian you may specialize in drug testing, therapeutic drug monitoring and biogenetics. Or, you may explore the immune system, cell marker technology, and bioengineering. 

Whatever your interest, your quest is obtainable through your VCUH medical laboratory career. We offer the Pathology Clinical Laboratory Sciences Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to senior undergraduate students in the VCU School of Allied Health Professionals, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

Recruitment Video

This video tells the story of how medical laboratories save lives everyday by assisting with patient diagnosis and treatment. Click here to watch "A Life Saved" Video

Recruitment Video [View Image] Recruitment Video [View Image]
A Life Saved: Laboratory Professionals Make a Difference

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Clinical Lab Sciences Scholarship

The Pathology Clinical Laboratory Sciences Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to senior undergraduate students in the VCU School of Allied Health Professions, Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. The scholarship is awarded to one or more students in the VCU Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences who successfully complete their junior year of studies and are selected by the Scholarship Program Committee. Recipients of the Scholarship agree to two years of employment with the VCUH Department of Pathology.Contact Roxanne Mercer for more information

Career Development Opportunities

VCU Health Department of Pathology sponsors a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Career Development program for VCUH Department of Pathology employees featuring paid skills development and free tuition for qualified employees.  As a Medical Laboratory Professional, you are a valuable and highly skilled member of a team meeting challenges every day.  MLTs in the Department of Pathology at VCUH work in a variety of settings.  We encourage and support you in your academic and career growth as a professional MLT in the VCUH Department of Pathology.  As an added value, we provide textbooks and tuition assistance for MLT studies at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College adjacent to VCUH.

In support of professional development, VCU Health provides a Medical Technologist Clinical Ladder program designed to recognize and reward laboratory professionals for excellence in practice and customer service.  The ladder provides a clear and requisite expectations from the entry level through the more advanced who seek higher professional development and recognition striving to achieve expert status.

For more information about these programs contact:

Roxanne Mercer, MS, MT(ASCP)
Laboratory Operations
Office: (804) 828-0270
Fax: (804) 828-6156

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