Residency Director's Message

Residency Director's Message

It is with great pleasure that I send GREETINGS to you from your Pathology Training program! This will be the last newsletter that you will receive from me because on July 1, 2019, I will step down from my role as the program Director.  It is bitter sweet to transition from a role that is so near and dear to my heart, but I assure you that I am leaving the program in very capable hands. In fact, I suspect that you will be very proud to know that despite the upcoming changethere are some AMAZING things happening and on the horizon here at VCU Health/MCV! Here’s an update on some of our current events:  

Institutionally we have:  

  • The School of Medicine (SOM) and Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office have both rebranded their websites to make it easier to find what you need and to stay abreast of current events.  (More Details: SOM / GME) 

Departmentally we are: 

  • Excited to share that the Pathology GME Conference room in Sanger Hall is now complete with two computers, AV equipment, and a microscope so trainees have their own designated place for didactic conferences and GME related meetings.  

  • Preparing for the following GME leadership changes to occur, effective July 1st 2019:
    • Dr. Steven C. Smith will become the Program Director for the AP/CP Residency Program 
    • Dr. Adele Kraft will become the Program Director for the Cytopathology Fellowship Program 
    • Dr. Valentina Robila will become the Program Director for the Surgical Pathology Fellowship Program 
  • Actively Recruiting for: 
    • 1 position in the Hematopathology Fellowship for 2020-21 
    • 1 position in the Neuropathology Fellowship for 2019-21 
  • In the process of updating the Department of Pathology’s website and would like you to take a look so that you will know what’s new. (Pathology Website) 
  • Grateful to have been able to send 3 of our PGY2s to National Meetings this year as a result of your contributions to the education fund.  

In conclusion I’d like to say thank you for your continued support of the training programs. Our trainees have access to the best resources and opportunities as a result of your unfailing support of your training program!   


wilkinson [View Image]David S. Wilkinson, MD, PhD 
Professor and Former Chair (1993-2013) 
Director, Pathology Training Program  
Department of Pathology 
Virginia Commonwealth University 



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