Pathology Honors & Awards

Pathology Honors & Awards

The Pathology Honor Society celebrates the academic achievements of MS1 Medical School students earning the highest grades in the Foundations of Disease Section each year. Also, one person receives the Robert C. Bryan Prize.

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ROBERT C. BRYAN [View Image]"I did not know or realize before how few rewards there are for excellence in professional institutions...I should be highly honored to be allowed, I trust permanently, to give a modest prize to that student in pathology whose excellence, as determined by you, the President, may deem to be the best." -Robert C. Bryan, MD

The Robert C. Bryan Prize, established in 1935, is presented each year to the most outstanding medical student in pathology. Past winners have gone on to successful careers in medicine, practicing in a broad range of specialties and settings. Exploration into the cause and progression of disease is at the very foundation of medicine. Dr. Bryan's prize continues to serve as both a reward and an incentive for aspiring medical practitioners to build strong foundations for their careers.

For a brochure and further information, please contact Deidra Trabosh, Department of Pathology, (804) 828-0183;

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