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Residency Goals & Objectives

Pathology Residency Goals & Objectives

The fundamental goals of the pathology residency program are to provide an opportunity for knowledge acquisition, skills training and practice, and to provide guidance in accomplishing exemplary patient care. Residents develop expertise in laboratory service and management, and data investigation and interpretation.

Our faculty recognize the resident as a mature physician seeking special competence in pathology. Our staff pathologists and other personnel willingly give of their time, knowledge, and guidance to the resident seeking it. Our training programs emphasize interpretative, investigative, and management skills, and are structured to avoid overemphasis in the technical aspects of pathology. The pathology laboratory is the resident's classroom, so we make every effort to utilize the laboratory's potential for instructional purposes.


Broad Program Objectives

Upon completion of the program resident will be able to:

  1. Comprehend the bases of pathologic processes.
  2. Explain pathologic processes that apply to individual patients, as well as to the general patient population.
  3. Analyze laboratory and clinical data.
  4. Interpret laboratory data for clinicopathologic correlation.
  5. Practice the technical and mechanical aspects of laboratory pathology.
  6. Perform laboratory management.

The pathology faculty expect that residents will be open to learning, will strive for the perfection of their skills, freely share their expertise, and willingly assume leadership roles in the education of other residents, physicians, and allied health professionals.


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