Undergraduate Medical Education

Undergraduate Medical Education

We educate medical students in classes and small group settings throughout their four-year program of study (for detailed information about the Medical School see VCU School of Medicine). We also educate second-year dental students.

Medical student course materials are available on VCU eCurriculum

Dental student course materialsGeneral Pathology (DEBS 513) for Dental Students

The Pathology medical school curriculum includes a three-week course in Foundations of Disease, followed by the Pathology component of the organ-system courses throughout the M2 year. Pathology is presented in formal lectures and small group settings. Emphasis is placed on the students’ gaining an understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms and the manifestations of disease.

M2 students with high Pathology grades are inducted into the Pathology Honor Society, a national society which is sponsored by the Association of Pathology Chairs and the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information. Exceptional student performance in Pathology is recognized annually with the Charles S. Bryan Prize in Pathology, presented to a graduating student.

Additional Pathology learning experiences are available in the M3 and M4 years as elective rotations in Pathology laboratories, such as Surgical Pathology, Transfusion Medicine, and Hematopathology. Students interested in finding out about Pathology as a career in medicine are encouraged to attend the periodic meetings of the Pathology Club.

The Department of Pathology shares the objectives of the Virginia Commonwealth University to:

  • Maintain an environment of educational excellence. Demonstrate exemplary standards of clinical practice and scientific investigation.
  • Promote an educational atmosphere that motivates intellectual curiosity, meets students' interests in lifelong learning, and promotes excellence in skills and knowledge development.

Other Undergraduate Medical School Pathology Programs

Pathology Club

Pathology Honors & Awards



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