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According to U.S. News & World Report, VCU School of Pharmacy is one of the Top 20 Pharm.D. programs in the United States. Located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, we welcome students from all backgrounds and experiences. As one of 18 Health Science Centers in the United States, the school's location within the VCU Health System offers Pharm.D. students tremendous opportunities for interprofessional education and collaboration. In addition to our Pharm.D. program, we offer several dual degree programs with the VCU School of Medicine, VCU School of Business, VCU Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs and VCU College of Health Professions.

Why Students choose VCU

Our Culture: At VCU, you can expect to learn from dynamic faculty in a welcoming and inclusive environment that will expose you to individuals of differing perspectives, life experiences and cultural backgrounds. Our Curriculum: Our curriculum offers students an exceptional balance of practice and community engagement alongside basic and applied pharmaceutical research. Our Results: We have highest NAPLEX pass rate in the state of Virginia and second-highest NAPLEX pass rate when compared the Top 10 Schools of Pharmacy as reported by U.S. News & World Report.

Career Exploration

Our program offers students an individualized and structured approach as we assist them in exploring the pharmacy profession.

  • Our residency advisor program, continuous professional development course, mentorship program, fireside chats, career panels and student organizations are just a few of the ways we assist our students with charting their future in pharmacy.
  • We believe preparing our students for the future of pharmacy. Our graduates can be found working in hospital practice, ambulatory care, industry, veterinary pharmacy, informatics, geriatrics, pediatrics, managed care and so much more!
  • Click here to see what our alumni are doing.

Application Process

Step 1: Schedule an appointment to discuss your competitiveness (optional step) Step 2: Complete and submit a PharmCAS Application with all supplemental materials Step 3: After submission, the preliminary review of application begins Step 4: Based on preliminary review, interview offers are extended Step 5: Qualified applicants will be invited to complete the virtual interview and supplemental application process Step 6: Admissions decision is made and sent to applicant

"Ever since the white coat ceremony, I have had a shift in attitude and the reality has set in that I wear my white coat and VCU letters with a sense of pride and determination to be the best pharmacist I can be!"
"The best thing about being a P1 is the vast network of support we have received from our upperclassmen, faculty, and administrators. I am truly grateful for all the helpful advice and invitations to various events in the pharmacy school."
"I think that the best thing about being a P1 is forming relationships with the upperclassmen through organizations or just by interacting with them in the Smith Building. I have found them to be invaluable mentors who are truly invested in our success as students, in how they constantly provide meaningful advice and support during this first year."


2019 NAPLEX pass rate


residency acceptance



on-time graduation



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Application timeline

Application Requirements

  • Complete PharmCAS online application with the following components
    • Offical Transcript(s)
    • Personal Statement
    • Three Letters of Recommendation

One letter should be from a faculty member, employer, and health care professional. If you are unable to secure a recommendation from a healthcare professional, a letter from a faculty member or volunteer coordinator is acceptable.

  • Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)

Completion of the PCAT is not required for the 2020-2021 cycle and remains optional. Students are encouraged to take the exam under the following conditions:

  • Overall GPA below a 3.0
  • Prerequisites taken 5+ years ago
  • Less than 50 total credit hours taken at time of application
  • Downward trend in academic history

If you are still unsure of what to do - don't worry, we are here for you. Please make an appointment here.

Pharm.D. Tuition & Fees (2020 - 2021)

VCU School of Pharmacy is dedicated to making a Pharm.D. degree more affordable for the pharmacists of tomorrow.

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$31,866 per year


$45,194 per year

Are you an out-of-state student?

Be sure to ask us if you qualify for the Explore Virginia Tuition Initiative.

Connect with us!

Pipeline Programs [View Image]

The VCU Health Sciences Pipeline features programs and initiatives to support students in their journey toward a healthcare career. VCU School of Pharmacy has several programs at the middle school, high school and college level for students interested in learning about pharmacy. Click the button below to learn more and find a program for you.

  • Compromiso, Valores, Servicio
  • Preview Day
  • Pharmacy Explorers
  • Pharmacy Summer Scholars
  • Summer Academic Enrichment Program
Open House [View Image]

Open Houses are open to anyone interested in the Pharm.D. program at VCU School of Pharmacy. Attending an Open House gives you the opportunity to learn more about our Pharm.D. program, ask questions about the admissions process, tour the MCV Campus and get a sense of student life from current Pharm.D. students. Open Houses are typically held on Fridays and begin promptly at 2 p.m. Currently, all Open House sessions are held virtually. When planning to cancel or reschedule be sure to contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at (804) 828-3003.

Information session [View Image]

Information sessions are designed with you in mind. Our Admissions Team will travel to your school, class, or organization meeting to provide insights about the pharmacy profession and VCU School of Pharmacy. Each session is led by a representative from the Office of Admissions and Student Services and includes a Q & A or Mock Admissions discussion. If you have a class, club or group of individuals interested in learning more about VCU School of Pharmacy, feel free to request an information session. Please be sure to submit your request at least two weeks prior to our proposed visit and wait for confirmation as we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Currently, all Information Sessions are being offered virtually.

Campus Visit [View Image]

An on-campus visit to VCU School of Pharmacy features a 30-minute information session, lunch with current Pharm.D. students, a campus tour and a mock admissions session. On-campus visits are exclusive to groups of college-level individuals that are interested in the Pharm.D. program at VCU. Please be sure to submit your request at least three weeks prior to your proposed visit and wait for confirmation as we may not be able to accommodate all requests. Please note that on-campus visits cannot be scheduled on weekends. Currently, all On-Campus Visits are being offered virtually.


Applicants for the VCU School of Pharmacy must successfully complete ALL course prerequisites by the end of the summer term before fall classes begin in the year of their admission.

Download checklist


Total number of college semester hours that must be completed prior to matriculation


Total number of basic science college semester hours that must be completed prior to application consideration


Total number of college quarter hours that must be completed prior to matriculation:

Additional Information

*** Due to the importance of a strong biomedical science foundation in the doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree program, some or all of these courses are highly recommended: genetics (3 SH), molecular biology (3 SH), immunology (3 SH) and cell biology (3 SH).

NOTE: AP (Advanced Placement tests of the College Board) and/or IB (International Baccalaureate) courses will not be accepted for science prerequisites other than physics, although higher-level courses in the same subject area may be substituted (e.g., physical chemistry for general chemistry). AP/IB credit in physics, calculus, statistics, and English will be accepted with a minimum score of 3 (AP) or 4 (IB).

Course titleSem. hrsQrt. hrs
General Biology Lecture69
General Biology Lab23
Human Anatomy Lecture (in addition, 1 SH of lab is preferred)34.5
Human Physiology34.5
Microbiology Lecture (in addition, 1 SH of lab is preferred)34.5
Biochemistry Lecture34.5
General Chemistry or General Inorganic Chemistry Lecture69
General Chemistry or General Inorganic Chemistry Lab23
Organic Chemistry Lecture69
Organic Chemistry Lab23
Physics Lecture34.5
Physics Lab11.5
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