ImmunoEngineering and ImmunoTheranostics

Dr. Guizhi (Julian) Zhu leads the Laboratory of ImmunoEngineering and ImmunoTheranostics to leverage multidisciplinary science and technologies to understand andengineer the immune system for novel diagnosis and therapy (theranostics) of diseases, including cancer, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Research endeavors in the group aim to address important questions and challenges at the interfaces of immunology, pathology, pharmacology, and engineering. Current research interests in the group are the immunoengineering for cancer immunotheranostics. Cancer Immunotherapy has shown remarkable clinical response, but only in a small subset of cancer patients in general. Our research aims to understand the underlying mechanism, invent diagnostic/prognostic tools to predict immunotherapy response, and develop novel. immunotherapy that benefits a broad population of cancer patients. Specific research directions include 

· Develop biosensors to probe the immuno-materials interfaces, and predict/monitor immunotherapy responses; 

· Engineer the immune system for disease theranostics; 

· Engineer nanovaccine/nanomedicine for combination cancer immunotherapy; 

· Develop nucleic acid therapeutics for immunotherapy and gene therapy; 

· System pharmacoimaging at the levels of subcellular organelles, cells, tissues/organs, and small animals. 

 Nanovaccine delivery revealed by multiscale system bioimaging

ImmunoEngineering and ImmunoTheranostics [View Image]

Nanovaccines (green) delivered into a mouse lymph node