Specialty Tracks

 Clinical Laboratory Sciences
The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences encourages highly qualified certified clinical laboratory scientists or candidates with equivalent certification to apply to the PhD in Health Related Sciences. Candidates must have a master's degree. Our department is committed to providing opportunities for research and academic endeavors in the various disciplines of CLS. Please visit our website for further information about our faculty and department.
The goal of the Department of Gerontology is to improve the overall well-being of older persons through education and research. In the Gerontology track of the PhD in Health Related Sciences program our research interests center around community engagement and service learning for aging programs and services. An MS in Gerontology or other formal academic training in Gerontology is preferred for applicants to the DPHRS program.
 Health Administration
The mission of the Department of Health Administration is to prepare a new generation of health services researchers and educators. The research focus of our faculty centers on health care organizational research. Admission to the program is competitive and open to applicants having clear career goals in health services administration and research. We recommend applicants have one to two years experience in the health care industry before beginning the program, as well as a masters degree in health, public health, or business related disciplines.
 Nurse Anesthesia
The Department of Nurse Anesthesia welcomes highly qualified CRNAs to apply to the PhD in Health Related Sciences. We are dedicated to the eclectic scholarly and clinical missions that nurse anesthetists serve internationally, and we urge you to visit our website to learn about our faculty, our program and our focused areas of excellence.
Occupational Therapy
The mission of the Department of Occupational Therapy is to prepare highly qualified and motivated therapists to become leaders in the profession. We welcome applications from therapists with an earned master's degree and a strong desire to pursue an independent line of research in either an academic or clinical setting. Students will be assigned an advisor whose interest is aligned with theirs. Research interests of the Occupational Therapy faculty are diverse and focus on the needs of people with disabilities across the lifespan and range from basic science to clinical applications in medical and community settings. Please visit our departmental website to learn more about our faculty and their research interests.
 Patient Counseling
The Program in Patient Counseling strongly encourages the contributions of hospital chaplains to enhancing and advancing contemporary health services. The Patient Counseling track of the PhD in Health Related Sciences, the first of its kind in the United States, provides candidates with the research expertise needed to develop and evaluate evidence-based interventions within a multidisciplinary health care environment. Please refer to the Patient Counseling website for more information on its programs, faculty, and research expertise.
 Physical Therapy
The Department of Physical Therapy welcomes highly qualified physical therapists to apply to the PhD in Health Related Sciences. We have a strong academic record of producing highly credible and clinically relevant science for this program in the areas of health services and musculoskeletal research. We encourage applicants to visit our department website and to pay particular attention to the web pages of Dr. Daniel Riddle.
 Radiation Sciences
The Department of Radiation Sciences serves as a national leader for entry level education into the imaging and radiologic sciences and provides learning opportunities that are innovative and educationally sound. We promote research and scholarly activity in the imaging and health related sciences. To apply for the Radiation Sciences track of the PhD program you must be certified by one of the following, ARRT, NMTCB, or ARDMS.
 Rehabilitation Leadership
The Department of Rehabilitation Counseling welcomes highly qualified candidates to apply for the Rehabilitation Leadership track of the PhD in Health Related Sciences. Our goal is to educate future leaders in our profession who wish to become educators, researchers, and high-level rehabilitation administrators. The ideal candidate will have a master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling or eligibility to become a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, as well as two years of post-graduate professional experience.