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The Virginia Commonwealth University Board of Visitors (Board) has established a Board of Visitors Scholarship Award (Scholarship or Award) to recognize the achievements of an outstanding undergraduate student who represents the distinctive attributes of a VCU student: outstanding academic achievement, leadership and service to the University and the community at large.  The recipient of the award will receive a one-year scholarship in an amount equal to undergraduate in-state tuition and fees.   At the discretion of the Board two additional nominal scholarships may also be awarded to two finalists.  (Note at this time each runner-up receives a $5,000 scholarship).

The Board intends that this scholarship be a fully endowed scholarship and expects full Board participation via donations each year earmarked for the Board of Visitors Scholarship.


To receive this award, a student must:

  • be currently enrolled as a full-time rising sophomore, junior, or senior;
  • have achieved at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average;
  • plan to be enrolled continuously as a full-time undergraduate student the year immediately after the award of the scholarship
  • have demonstrated service to the University and/or the community; and
  • have a demonstrated financial need for the scholarship.


Students who meet the minimum requirements for the award are contacted via email and are invited to apply for the award online. Each application includes:

  • one letter of recommendation from a VCU faculty member;
  • a typed resume, no more than two pages long. Each candidates is encouraged to document their contribution to the VCU and Richmond communities by including, if applicable, any academic awards/honors, non-academic awards, VCU involvement, community service, and employment
  • a 500-word essay on a topic determined by the Board of Visitors. Prior year themes included “an essay on how the applicant’s service to the University or the community illustrates VCU’s “Make it Real” slogan.”


All applications are reviewed by a Screening Committee, comprised of individuals from the following VCU areas:

  • the Division of Student Affairs
  • the Financial Aid Office;
  • the National Scholarship Office;
  • at least one faculty member; and
  • at least one student who received a BOV Award the previous year.

The Screening Committee reviews the applications that are received each year and narrows the pool to three finalists. The three finalists are invited to meet with the Board of Visitors Selection Committee.


Selection of the recipient of the Board of Visitors Scholarship is made by the Board of Visitors at the March meeting of the Board.  The Selection Committee for the Board is comprised of

  • the rector;
  • the vice rector;
  • the secretary;
  • the chair of the Academic and Health Affairs Committee of the Board; and
  • the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs.

The Selection Committee interviews each of the three finalists.  The Selection Committee will  recommend the winner and the two runner ups to the Academic and Health Affairs Committee of the Board.   


The winner of the Scholarship is invited to the May Board of Visitors meeting as well as the May Commencement Dinner and Commencement Ceremony where he or she will be presented with the award by the Rector, or his/her designee.

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