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College of Humanities & Sciences

Psychology Department

Program Details

Students are admitted into the Clinical Psychology program only for full-time study toward the doctoral degree. Requirements include course work in clinical and basic psychology, statistics, and research methods, an empirical master’s thesis and dissertation, and three years of clinical practicum (including two years of supervision by clinical faculty in an in-house psychology clinic and one year in an off-campus practicum agency). The doctoral program in Clinical Psychology is designed for students to spend four or five years on campus and a fifth or sixth year on an APA-approved pre-doctoral internship.

Graduate Handbook for Clinical Psychology [PDF] – In this document you can learn about the clinical psychology program’s training philosophy and goals as well as the curriculum and requirements for the master’s and Ph.D. requirements.

Training Goals

  1. The first training goal is to teach empirical research skills and provide grounding in the science of psychology. Excellence in research is a major program objective. Students are encouraged to publish articles based on their thesis and dissertation research and preliminary examination paper, to present research findings at professional meetings, and to remain involved in faculty research programs.
  2. The second major goal is to produce students who have a firm grounding in empirically based principles of assessment and psychotherapy, who understand a broad range of theoretical perspectives on psychotherapy, and who have excellent clinical skills. Our program strives toward the ideal of the scientist-practitioner.
  3. Our third goal, integral to faculty endeavors and to the urban mission of VCU, is to seek the solution of public mental health problems through the application of the scientific principles and methodologies of psychology. 
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