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College of Humanities & Sciences

Psychology Department

Fantasy Lozada, Ph.D.

Dr. Fantasy Lozada [View Image]

Assistant Professor
Developmental Psychology
808 W Franklin, rm 404
(804) 828-9089

Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Developmental Psychology 

Ph.D. (2013), North Carolina State University



S.H.I.E.L.D. Lab

Research Interests

My research takes into consideration how cultural-related beliefs (i.e., beliefs about emotion, race, and discrimination) and race-related experiences (i.e., racial identity, discrimination, and socialization) impact socioemotional competence among ethnic minority youth. Much of my work focuses on development within family, school, and technological (i.e., the Internet) contexts. I rely on quantitative analytic methods (i.e., structural equation modeling, negative binomial regressions, multilevel latent class analyses, hierarchical linear modeling) in addition to parent-child observations and qualitative interviews to explore my research questions. My future research will examine developmental trajectories of socioemotional competencies in ethnic minority youth and develop intervention/prevention studies focused on parenting programs, classroom curriculum, and social networking platforms to teach and enhance socioemotional competence among children and adolescents.

Select Publications

Jagers, R. J., Lozada, F. T., Rivas-Drake, D., & Guillaume, C. (in press). Predictors of civic engagement patterns among African American and Latino middle school youth. Child Development.
Lozada, F. T., Jagers, R. J., Smith, C. D., Banales, J., & Hope, E. C. (2016). Prosocial behaviors of Black adolescent boys: An application of a sociopolitical development theory. Journal of Black Psychology. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0095798416652021
Lozada, F. T., & Halberstadt, A. G. (2015). Early emotional development and cultural variability. In International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. (pp. 746–751). New York, NY: Elsevier. doi:10.1016/b978-0-08-097086-8.23007-9
Lozada, F. T., Halberstadt, A. G., Craig, A. B., Dennis, P. A., & Dunsmore, J. C. (2015). Parents’ beliefs about children’s emotions and their conversations with children. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25, 1525-1538. doi:10.1007/s10826-015-0325-1
Halberstadt, A. G., & Lozada, F. T. (2011). Emotion development in infancy through the lens of culture. Emotion Review, 3, 158-168. doi: 10.1177/1754073910387946

Recent Courses

  • Experimental Methods, undergraduate level

Recent Grants

African American Parents’ Beliefs About Race and Discrimination, Socialization Practices, and their Adolescents’ Socioemotional Functioning. 2014-2015. National Science Foundation Social, Behavioral, and Economic (SBE) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – Broadening Participation (Supervising-PI: Stephanie Rowley), $106,518.


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, National Science Foundation, 2014-2015
  • Scientific Innovation Award, USC Digital Learning and Development Lab, Summer 2015
  • Fellow, Carolina Consortium on Human Development, 2012-2013

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