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College of Humanities & Sciences

Psychology Department

Honors in Psychology

The requirements for graduating with Honors in Psychology are:

  • be a student in the Honors College
  • complete an Honors thesis (more information on this below)
  • maintain a GPA of 3.5 overall and in psychology and complete all other requirements for the BS in psychology

View the application for Honors in Psychology [PDF].

View the Honors in Psychology handbook [PDF].

Completing an Honors Thesis in Psychology

An Honors thesis is a research project that you design, run, write up and defend like a Masters thesis under the supervision of a faculty mentor. An Honors thesis provides an opportunity to do your own research, learn about an area in an in-depth way and get to work closely with a professor in the Department of Psychology. Completing an Honors thesis is a great way to make your application to graduate or professional school stand out.

Students generally start work on their Honors thesis during the spring semester of their junior year, and continue throughout their senior year. During this time you would sign up for the three-course sequence: PSYC 497, PSYC 498 and PSYC 499.

The first step in preparing to do an Honors thesis is to find a faculty member willing to be a mentor for your thesis project. The best way to do this is to get involved with research before the spring of your junior year by doing a Research Internship (PSYC 494) or Independent Study (PSYC 492). This way, you can explore an area of research that interests you, and a professor will get to know your work.

For more information, contact Dr. Ellen Carpenter.

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