Member Benefits

Your membership at VCU Recreational Sports gives you access to award-winning recreational facilities and a wide variety of programming. You are also part of the dynamic and diverse VCU community! Your membership not only contributes to your personal wellness but also helps ensure continued access to facilities and programs that help VCU students build a lifetime of wellness. 

Your member benefits include: 

  • Full access to all facilities and Outdoor Adventure Program activities
  • Free group exercise classes
  • Special member rates on most fee-based programs and services
  • Access to Day Use lockers, locker rentals, and towel subscriptions
  • Ability to sponsor an Additional Adult and Minor Dependents, and qualification for Ram Express membership.

Day Use Lockers are available throughout our facilities, both in the hallways and in all locker rooms. They are free to use and are meant for use while you visit the gym. Day Use lockers are cleared out by Rec Sports staff nightly, and items are placed in Lost and Found for thirty days. Our service desk staff can assist you with retrieving Lost and Found items. 

All lockers marked "Day Use" are scheduled to open automatically at 12:15 am daily. Please be sure to remove all personal items from these lockers at the end of each day. If you have items in a day use locker or a rental locker that has expired, these items will be cleared and donated during the Winter Break.

Rental Lockers

If you are looking to make your gym experience even more convenient, rent a locker! Rental lockers allow you to keep personal items at the gym for the duration of your rental. Rental Lockers are available at Cary Street Gym in the Men's and Women's Main Locker Rooms on the lower level, and at the MCV Campus Recreation and Aquatic Center in both the East and West Locker Rooms. 

Third-size lockers are available to rent at $10 per semester or $30 annually. 

How to use the lockers: All lockers in Recreational Sports facilities use digital Touchlock technology.

To lock:  choose a four-digit PIN, press Start, enter the PIN, and then press the key with the lock icon. The blinking light will change from green to red, indicating that the lock is engaged. Make note of your locker location. For added security, use a different PIN every time you visit the gym, avoid using "1234", repeated digits (8888) or your birth year (as many other people on campus share your birth year!)

To unlock: follow the same sequence as above. The light should change from red to green.

If you encounter any issues with your locker, our service desk staff will be happy to assist you. 

Towel Service 

Why lug a heavy, wet shower towel in your gym bag when you can check one in and out at the gym?

We offer UNLIMITED towel rentals for $20 per semester or $50 per year! 

By purchasing Towel Service, you are granted the ability to check out up to 3 towels per visit at our Cary Street Gym and MCV Campus Recreation Center locations. We offer both large bath towels AND small hand towels at both locations.

Speak with our service desk staff about purchasing towel service.

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About Recreational Sports

VCU Recreational Sports offers a diversity of programmed and informal recreational, fitness and sports activities for the VCU community.

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