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Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the VCU IRB! This application is intended to inform you of the requirements of serving on the VCU IRB, and will capture the necessary information required for us to select a broad range of candidates.

You are encouraged to review the main responsibilities of an IRB member by reading VCU IRB Written Policy and Procedure (WPP) IV-2. Once you have reviewed the main responsibilities outlined in the WPP, you are encouraged to complete this application.

Please note that if you are a VCU Faculty member, the acknowledgement of your department/division chair (or Dean, if you are the department chair) is required for your application to be considered. If you are a VCU Staff member, the acknowledgement of your supervisor is required for your application to be considered. You will provide the email address of the person at VCU/VCUHS to whom you directly report (i.e.: department/division chair, dean, or supervisor, as applicable) and this form will be routed to them for acknowledgement. This acknowledgement is intended to ensure that your department/division chair (or Dean), or supervisor is aware of your desire to serve on the VCU IRB, and allows them to affirm that they will provide you with the time and support you need to fulfill the commitments of a VCU IRB Member. Your department/division chair (or Dean), or supervisor will not be able to see any of your application materials, but will be encouraged to schedule time to speak with you prior to acknowledging your application.

If you are a VCU Student/Trainee or a community member, no equivalent acknowledgements are required.

If you have questions about this application, or require assistance, please contact Human Subjects Protection Education & Outreach Manager, Nyssa Towsley, at

Commitments and Requirements

This first section presents the various commitments required of a VCU IRB member, with regards to initial training, attending meetings, conducting independent expedited reviews, and ongoing training. Please read each question closely and consider whether your current workload and schedule are conducive to meeting these requirements.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a member on the VCU IRB. However, based on your responses, you indicated you may not be able to meet the commitments of an IRB member. Please consider applying to be a member in the future when your commitments change. 

Role and Acknowledgements

Please indicate your current role within the university/community. If applicable, you will be prompted to provide contact information for the person to whom you primarily report at VCU/VCUHS, if their acknowledgement is required for consideration of your application.


IRBs are required to have a variety of different types of members, with a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. The following questions are meant to collect information about your areas of professional and personal expertise, so we can be sure to select a diversity of members.

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