VCU Rehabilitation Counseling Dept Affiliation Agreements for Practicum and Internship

VCU requires that a University Affiliation Agreement be signed by the University, the Department, and the affiliating organization prior to engaging in provision of clinical training for any student. This Agreement identifies the terms of the relationship between the two entities. Therefore:

  • Students must contact the Clinical Coordinator to determine whether an Affiliation Agreement between VCU and the desired site exists. If an agreement is not yet in place, the Clinical Coordinator (in consultation with the student´s advisor) will determine the appropriateness of the potential site. The student must provide the site contact information needed to initiate this process as early as possible, or at least one semester before enrolling in Practicum (which is part of RHAB 691). If the site is determined to be appropriate for fieldwork, the Clinical Coordinator will initiate the process of securing an Affiliation Agreement between the site and VCU. If this process does not occur in advance of the semester in which the student wishes to engage in fieldwork, the fieldwork experience will be delayed until the Agreement is in place. The Clinical Coordinator is Denise Hall; she can be reached through or 804-827-0922.


  • The following information is required in order for the agreement to be initiated by the Clinical Coordinator:
  1. Name and address, phone and fax numbers of organization
  2. Name and address of Executive Director
  3. Name and address, Title, phone and fax numbers, and email address of site supervisor
  4. Credentials of the site supervisor (CRC certification, LPC license, graduate degree, etc.)
  • Distance Learning students are encouraged to determine if an Affiliation Agreement exists (and to provide contact information for potential fieldwork sites if needed) well in advance of their clinical training, even if they are using their place of employment to fulfill fieldwork requirements. Students using their place of employment for practicum or internship recognize that they must engage in a pre-approved plan to integrate substantive new learning into their work to satisfy fieldwork requirements.