Factsheet for required student clinical experiences

  • A current University AFFILIATION AGREEMENT must be in place between The Department of Rehabilitation Counseling and The Site prior to beginning a Practicum or Internship.

  • Practica may not be done during summer semester.

  • Internships may not be done during summer semester unless the student was already placed at that site as part of practicum or internship begun during spring semester and continuing over summer. This is to ensure appropriate supervision onsite (i.e. it cannot be started summer semester). Approval of a Faculty Advisor, Clinical Coordinator and Site Supervisor are required for this exception.

  • Students are responsible for working with the contact person identified by the site in setting up their clinical experience.

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that the clinical experience will provide new learning particularly if the site is also their employment site. Approval must be given by the Clinical Coordinator and Faculty Advisor.

  • Students have the option of receiving an incomplete grade for a clinical experience if they are unable to complete necessary hours within the expected timeframe. This may be due to constraints on the site or unexpected life events such as illness. Approval must be given by the Clinical Coordinator.

  • Students must identify and address with the site supervisor, any barriers to the successful completion of the clinical experience such as the site supervisor taking maternity leave or vacation, PRIOR to entering into an agreement.

  • All forms are available to download at www.rehab.vcu.edu under Current Students.

  • The Department of Rehabilitation Counseling Clinical Coordinator is available to identify sites, provide contact information, provide information on populations served and opportunities available, and to discuss any issues regarding clinical experience:
    Denise Hall LPC, NCC, CRC
    Clinical Coordinator
    Department of Rehabilitation Counseling
    Virginia Commonwealth University 
    P.O. Box 980330
    Richmond, VA  23298-0330

    Department Phone Number: 804.827.0922
    Department Fax:  804.828.1321
  • All practica and internships must be approved by the Clinical Coordinator.

  • Practicum: A 100 hour clinical experience on an approved site which entails new learning for the student, of which 40 hours are direct client service, shall be completed as part of the requirements for the course RHAB 692. "Client" shall be defined as individuals with, or directly affected by a disability, functional limitation(s), or medical condition who receive services from rehabilitation counselors. This definition comes from Section A, A.1., a. page 2 of the Code of Professional Ethics of the Commission on Certification of Rehabilitation Counselors, January 1, 2002.

  • Internship involves at least 600 work hours, with at least 240 hours of client contact. All students must regularly participate in both on-site and on-campus supervision of their work.

  • For students seeking LPC licensure in Virginia, the 600 internship hours may be deducted from the required 4000 residency hours if (a) the student has completed at least 30 credit hours prior to starting the internship, (b) at least one of the student´s supervisors holds a qualifying Virginia license (LPC, licensed clinical psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed psychiatrist), (c) the student documents participation in at least 20 hours on-campus and 20 hours on-site supervision, and (d) the student has both on-campus and on-site supervisors complete the relevant Virginia form (Form VI-R) at the completion of internship.