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Authors in Race and Ethnicity
Last NameAuthorArticlesWorksRelated Disciplines
Gradwohl David M. GradwohlDavid M. Gradwohl (26)26


Irby Charles C. IrbyCharles C. Irby (19)19


Bataille Gretchen M. BatailleGretchen M. Bataille (18)18


Auser Cortland P. AuserCortland P. Auser (18)18


Endo Russell EndoRussell Endo (17)17


Abbott Linda M. C. AbbottLinda M. C. Abbott (14)14


Davies Phillips G. DaviesPhillips G. Davies (13)13


Scott Otis L. ScottOtis L. Scott (13)13


Hiura Barbara HiuraBarbara Hiura (12)12


Pinto Luis L. PintoLuis L. Pinto (12)12


Shirley Carl R. ShirleyCarl R. Shirley (12)12


Vazquez Jesse M. VazquezJesse M. Vazquez (12)12


Koehler Lyle KoehlerLyle Koehler (11)11


Laughlin Margaret A. LaughlinMargaret A. Laughlin (11)11


Lisa Laurie LisaLaurie Lisa (9)9


Nakadate Neil NakadateNeil Nakadate (9)9


Bruner Charlotte H. BrunerCharlotte H. Bruner (8)8


Deck Alice A. DeckAlice A. Deck (8)8


Kafka Phillipa KafkaPhillipa Kafka (8)8


Carranza Miguel A. CarranzaMiguel A. Carranza (8)8


Jaskoski Helen JaskoskiHelen Jaskoski (8)8


Rusco Elmer R. RuscoElmer R. Rusco (8)8


Welch Ashton Wesley WelchAshton Wesley Welch (8)8


González LaVerne GonzálezLaVerne González (7)7


Bedrosian Margaret BedrosianMargaret Bedrosian (7)7


Eive Gloria EiveGloria Eive (7)7


Schnell Jim SchnellJim Schnell (7)7


Brito Silvester J. BritoSilvester J. Brito (7)7


Chartier Karen G. ChartierKaren G. Chartier (7)7


Gender and Sexuality, Social Work, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Ottenheimer Harriet OttenheimerHarriet Ottenheimer (7)7


Junne George H. Junne JrGeorge H. Junne Jr (7)7


Binder Wolfgang BinderWolfgang Binder (6)6


Bucko Raymond A. BuckoRaymond A. Bucko (6)6


Carter George E. CarterGeorge E. Carter (6)6


Bright Jean BrightJean Bright (6)6


Takahara Kumiko TakaharaKumiko Takahara (6)6


Herzog Kristin HerzogKristin Herzog (6)6


McNeil Elizabeth McNeilElizabeth McNeil (6)6


Kraig Glen M. KraigGlen M. Kraig (6)6


Jones Allene JonesAllene Jones (6)6


Bruner David K. BrunerDavid K. Bruner (6)6


Stewart Dennis StewartDennis Stewart (6)6


Johnson David M. JohnsonDavid M. Johnson (6)6


Sieber George W. SieberGeorge W. Sieber (6)6


MacLam Helen MacLamHelen MacLam (6)6


Lock Helen LockHelen Lock (6)6


Goldstein-Shirley David Goldstein-ShirleyDavid Goldstein-Shirley (6)6


Rodnon Stewart RodnonStewart Rodnon (5)5


Isernhagen Hartwig IsernhagenHartwig Isernhagen (5)5


Harris Calvin E. HarrisCalvin E. Harris (5)5


Williams James H. WilliamsJames H. Williams (5)5


Zimmerman Zora Devrnja ZimmermanZora Devrnja Zimmerman (5)5


Gish Robert GishRobert Gish (5)5


Guimary Donald L. GuimaryDonald L. Guimary (5)5


Richmond Peace Education Center Richmond Peace Education CenterRichmond Peace Education Center (5)5


Educational Leadership, Growth and Development, Peace and Conflict Studies, Transportation, Urban Studies, Urban Studies and Planning
Gold Steven J. GoldSteven J. Gold (5)5


Cavaioli Frank J. CavaioliFrank J. Cavaioli (5)5


Nelson Angela M. S. NelsonAngela M. S. Nelson (5)5


Costanzo Angelo CostanzoAngelo Costanzo (5)5


Wintz Cary D. WintzCary D. Wintz (5)5


Williams Vernon J. Williams JrVernon J. Williams Jr (5)5


Rayson Ann RaysonAnn Rayson (5)5


Turner Faythe TurnerFaythe Turner (5)5


Adisa Opal Palmer AdisaOpal Palmer Adisa (5)5


Kasee Cynthia R. KaseeCynthia R. Kasee (5)5


Blicksilver Edith BlicksilverEdith Blicksilver (4)4


Dobson Jennifer L. DobsonJennifer L. Dobson (4)4


Spector Alan SpectorAlan Spector (4)4


Bataille Gretchen BatailleGretchen Bataille (4)4


Spigner Clarence SpignerClarence Spigner (4)4


Hoilman Dona HoilmanDona Hoilman (4)4


Benson Janet E. BensonJanet E. Benson (4)4


Harvey Gretchen HarveyGretchen Harvey (4)4


Oandasan William OandasanWilliam Oandasan (4)4


Rockwell Susan L. RockwellSusan L. Rockwell (4)4


Hood David L. HoodDavid L. Hood (4)4


Covin David CovinDavid Covin (4)4


Herrnstadt Richard L. HerrnstadtRichard L. Herrnstadt (4)4


Chapin Helen G. ChapinHelen G. Chapin (4)4


DasGupta Kasturi DasGuptaKasturi DasGupta (4)4


Hesselbrock Michie N. HesselbrockMichie N. Hesselbrock (4)4


Gender and Sexuality, Social Work, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Hansen Vagn K. HansenVagn K. Hansen (4)4


Perry Robert L. PerryRobert L. Perry (4)4


Garcia Homer D.C. GarciaHomer D.C. Garcia (4)4


Hu-DeHart Evelyn Hu-DeHartEvelyn Hu-DeHart (4)4


Simmons Terry SimmonsTerry Simmons (4)4


Taylor Orville W. TaylorOrville W. Taylor (4)4


Martinelli Phylis Cancilla MartinelliPhylis Cancilla Martinelli (4)4


Rodriguez Joe RodriguezJoe Rodriguez (4)4


Hickok Kathleen HickokKathleen Hickok (3)3


Okada Victor N. OkadaVictor N. Okada (3)3


Fleck Richard F. FleckRichard F. Fleck (3)3


Rojas Maythee RojasMaythee Rojas (3)3


Haslip-Viera Gabriel Haslip-VieraGabriel Haslip-Viera (3)3


Kelly Mary E. KellyMary E. Kelly (3)3


Burton Charline L. BurtonCharline L. Burton (3)3


Ratan Sudha RatanSudha Ratan (3)3


Stutman Suzanne StutmanSuzanne Stutman (3)3


Green Michael D. GreenMichael D. Green (3)3


Cortese Anthony J. CorteseAnthony J. Cortese (3)3


Hesselbrock Victor M. HesselbrockVictor M. Hesselbrock (3)3


Gender and Sexuality, Social Work, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Eshe Aisha EsheAisha Eshe (3)3


Yang Philip Q. YangPhilip Q. Yang (3)3


Junne George H. Junne Jr.George H. Junne Jr. (3)3


Silet Charles L. P. SiletCharles L. P. Silet (3)3


Miller Keith D. MillerKeith D. Miller (3)3


Estrada Larry J. EstradaLarry J. Estrada (3)3


Hoikkala Paivi H. HoikkalaPaivi H. Hoikkala (3)3


Danker Kathleen DankerKathleen Danker (3)3


Washington Johnny WashingtonJohnny Washington (3)3


Mayo Louise MayoLouise Mayo (3)3


Majak Jonathan MajakJonathan Majak (3)3


O'Dell Judith E. O'DellJudith E. O'Dell (3)3


Silva Reinaldo SilvaReinaldo Silva (3)3


Wintz Celia J. WintzCelia J. Wintz (3)3


Abbott Linda M.C. AbbottLinda M.C. Abbott (3)3


Grimshaw Patricia GrimshawPatricia Grimshaw (3)3


Patrick Michael PatrickMichael Patrick (3)3


Luebke Barbara F. LuebkeBarbara F. Luebke (3)3


Jones Lillian H. JonesLillian H. Jones (3)3


Hiura Barbara L. HiuraBarbara L. Hiura (3)3


Ortega Carlos F. OrtegaCarlos F. Ortega (3)3


Jordan W. A. Jordan IIIW. A. Jordan III (3)3


Silverman Robert Mark SilvermanRobert Mark Silverman (3)3


Pulido Alberto L. PulidoAlberto L. Pulido (3)3


Dawkins Cecilia E. DawkinsCecilia E. Dawkins (3)3


Caetano Raul CaetanoRaul Caetano (3)3


Social Work, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Harris Adlean HarrisAdlean Harris (3)3


Elizondo Sergio D. ElizondoSergio D. Elizondo (3)3


Pierce Jennifer L. PierceJennifer L. Pierce (3)3


Ottenheimer Harriet Joseph OttenheimerHarriet Joseph Ottenheimer (3)3


Young Mary YoungMary Young (3)3


Okihiro Gary Y. OkihiroGary Y. Okihiro (3)3


Mansfield Katherine Cumings MansfieldKatherine Cumings Mansfield (3)3


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education, Education, Education Policy, Educational Leadership, Educational Methods, Gender and Sexuality, Gifted Education, Higher Education, Place and Environment, Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation, Policy History, Theory, and Methods, Politics and Social Change, Secondary Education
Majak Jonathan A. MajakJonathan A. Majak (3)3


Birnbaum Lucia Chiavola BirnbaumLucia Chiavola Birnbaum (3)3


Kent Noel J. KentNoel J. Kent (3)3


Ha Quan Manh HaQuan Manh Ha (3)3


Jamison W. Thomas JamisonW. Thomas Jamison (2)2


Freitas Anne E. FreitasAnne E. Freitas (2)2


Walter John C. WalterJohn C. Walter (2)2


Kim Eugene C. KimEugene C. Kim (2)2


Stephens Torrance StephensTorrance Stephens (2)2


Wilson Lucy WilsonLucy Wilson (2)2


Aarons Victoria AaronsVictoria Aarons (2)2


Lawton Pamela H. LawtonPamela H. Lawton (2)2


Adult and Continuing Education, Art Education, Art Practice, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Family, Life Course, and Society, Fine Arts, Gerontology, Inequality and Stratification, Place and Environment, Politics and Social Change, Service Learning, Social Work, Urban Studies and Planning
Scott Otis ScottOtis Scott (2)2


Lacey Ella P. LaceyElla P. Lacey (2)2


Ludwig Mary A. LudwigMary A. Ludwig (2)2


Gradwohl David GradwohlDavid Gradwohl (2)2


Takagi Midori TakagiMidori Takagi (2)2


Gonzalez Gilbert G. GonzalezGilbert G. Gonzalez (2)2


Huffman Terry E. HuffmanTerry E. Huffman (2)2


Wells Linda WellsLinda Wells (2)2


Valdez Elsa O. ValdezElsa O. Valdez (2)2


Bonnette Lakeyta M. BonnetteLakeyta M. Bonnette (2)2


Guyotte Roland L. GuyotteRoland L. Guyotte (2)2


Pulido Alberto PulidoAlberto Pulido (2)2


Chua Cheng Lok ChuaCheng Lok Chua (2)2


Alexis Lillie AlexisLillie Alexis (2)2


Walker Robbie Jean WalkerRobbie Jean Walker (2)2


Solberg S. E. SolbergS. E. Solberg (2)2


Frye Hardy T. FryeHardy T. Frye (2)2


Hall Ramond L. HallRamond L. Hall (2)2


Roberts Charles E. RobertsCharles E. Roberts (2)2


Ashworth Georgina AshworthGeorgina Ashworth (2)2


Bell Janet Cheatham BellJanet Cheatham Bell (2)2


Whitaker Faye Pauli WhitakerFaye Pauli Whitaker (2)2


Gonzalves Linda GonzalvesLinda Gonzalves (2)2


McBeth Sally McBethSally McBeth (2)2


Astroff Roberta J. AstroffRoberta J. Astroff (2)2


Lei Elizabeth Vander LeiElizabeth Vander Lei (2)2


Hinton Samuel HintonSamuel Hinton (2)2


Schoen Carol SchoenCarol Schoen (2)2


Satz Ronald N. SatzRonald N. Satz (2)2


Deck Alice DeckAlice Deck (2)2


Herzfeld Anita HerzfeldAnita Herzfeld (2)2


Larner John W. Larner Jr.John W. Larner Jr. (2)2


Ward Carol WardCarol Ward (2)2


Davies Martha A. DaviesMartha A. Davies (2)2


Baltes Beate BaltesBeate Baltes (2)2


Macaruso Victor MacarusoVictor Macaruso (2)2


Inclan Albert F. InclanAlbert F. Inclan (2)2


Campomanes Oscar V. CampomanesOscar V. Campomanes (2)2


Gaines Stanley O. Gaines Jr.Stanley O. Gaines Jr. (2)2


Reinhardt Karl J. ReinhardtKarl J. Reinhardt (2)2


Bryan Louis E. BryanLouis E. Bryan (2)2


Bracy James H. BracyJames H. Bracy (2)2


Miller Matthew MillerMatthew Miller (2)2


Vassberg Liliane M. VassbergLiliane M. Vassberg (2)2


Jones Rhett JonesRhett Jones (2)2


McCormick Theresa E. McCormickTheresa E. McCormick (2)2


Gray James L. GrayJames L. Gray (2)2


Santillan Richard SantillanRichard Santillan (2)2


Busch Mary Ann BuschMary Ann Busch (2)2


Zak Michele ZakMichele Zak (2)2


Bracy Bamidele J. BracyBamidele J. Bracy (2)2


Miller William L. MillerWilliam L. Miller (2)2


Fernandez Rosa FernandezRosa Fernandez (2)2


Goldman Dorie S. GoldmanDorie S. Goldman (2)2


Ross Avina RossAvina Ross (2)2


Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Inequality and Stratification, Other Film and Media Studies, Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation, Politics and Social Change, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies, Social Policy, Social Work, Women's Studies
Villegas Julie Schrader VillegasJulie Schrader Villegas (2)2


Carter Carter E. CarterCarter E. Carter (2)2


Elliott Michael ElliottMichael Elliott (2)2


Meisenheimer Marilyn MeisenheimerMarilyn Meisenheimer (2)2


Hellner Nancy HellnerNancy Hellner (2)2


Morrison Kenneth M. MorrisonKenneth M. Morrison (2)2


McBride David McBrideDavid McBride (2)2


Scarberry-Garcia Susan Scarberry-GarciaSusan Scarberry-Garcia (2)2


Sarabia Louis SarabiaLouis Sarabia (2)2


Seller Maxine S. SellerMaxine S. Seller (2)2


Lee Yueh-Ting LeeYueh-Ting Lee (2)2


Lothrop Gloria LothropGloria Lothrop (2)2


Perry Ravi K. PerryRavi K. Perry (2)2


Mielke David N. MielkeDavid N. Mielke (2)2


Cole D. C. ColeD. C. Cole (2)2


Shillinger Sarah ShillingerSarah Shillinger (2)2


Sato Masayuki SatoMasayuki Sato (2)2


Bulk Jac D. BulkJac D. Bulk (2)2


Washington Delo WashingtonDelo Washington (2)2


Martinez Theresa A. MartinezTheresa A. Martinez (2)2


Mendoza Aloma MendozaAloma Mendoza (2)2


Wiget Andrew WigetAndrew Wiget (2)2


Castillo Helen M. CastilloHelen M. Castillo (2)2


Brown Shirley Vining BrownShirley Vining Brown (2)2


Rabaka Reiland RabakaReiland Rabaka (2)2


Werlock Abby H. WerlockAbby H. Werlock (2)2


Wardi-Zonna Katherine Wardi-ZonnaKatherine Wardi-Zonna (2)2


Holstein Sandra J. HolsteinSandra J. Holstein (2)2


Labadie John Antoine LabadieJohn Antoine Labadie (2)2


Forbes Jack D. ForbesJack D. Forbes (2)2


Osborn Nancy M. OsbornNancy M. Osborn (2)2


Zulu Itibari M. ZuluItibari M. Zulu (1)1


Carpenter Linda Jean CarpenterLinda Jean Carpenter (1)1


Wilson Raymond WilsonRaymond Wilson (1)1


Johnson Elisabeth J. JohnsonElisabeth J. Johnson (1)1


Washington Delo E. WashingtonDelo E. Washington (1)1


Sherman Marlon D. ShermanMarlon D. Sherman (1)1


Wiebe Carole WiebeCarole Wiebe (1)1


Lewycky Laverne LewyckyLaverne Lewycky (1)1


Swan George Steven SwanGeorge Steven Swan (1)1


Dzidzienyo Anani DzidzienyoAnani Dzidzienyo (1)1


Colbert Robert D. ColbertRobert D. Colbert (1)1


Koppelman Kent L. KoppelmanKent L. Koppelman (1)1


Young Bernard YoungBernard Young (1)1


Reichelderfer Stephanie ReichelderferStephanie Reichelderfer (1)1


Shafer John ShaferJohn Shafer (1)1


Bloom John BloomJohn Bloom (1)1


Pauly Susan Mae PaulySusan Mae Pauly (1)1


Seethaler Ina Christiane SeethalerIna Christiane Seethaler (1)1


Martinez Robert A. MartinezRobert A. Martinez (1)1


Lewycky Laverne M. LewyckyLaverne M. Lewycky (1)1


Pryor Olivia D. PryorOlivia D. Pryor (1)1


Educational Sociology, Politics and Social Change
Sisney Mary F. SisneyMary F. Sisney (1)1


Lewis Marvin A. LewisMarvin A. Lewis (1)1


Williams Vernon Williams JrVernon Williams Jr (1)1


McClendon John H. McClendon IIIJohn H. McClendon III (1)1


San Juan E. San Juan Jr.E. San Juan Jr. (1)1


Soto Shirlene SotoShirlene Soto (1)1


Frideres J. S. FrideresJ. S. Frideres (1)1


Abdullah Melina AbdullahMelina Abdullah (1)1


Bentley Sara BentleySara Bentley (1)1


Baker Brian BakerBrian Baker (1)1


Giugliano Constance C. GiuglianoConstance C. Giugliano (1)1


Noda Phyllis A. Clemens NodaPhyllis A. Clemens Noda (1)1


Kliger Hannah KligerHannah Kliger (1)1


Diana Vanessa Holford DianaVanessa Holford Diana (1)1


Spears Nickolas Spears Jr.Nickolas Spears Jr. (1)1


Adult and Continuing Education, Counseling, Counselor Education, Religion
Birnbaum Lucia C. BirnbaumLucia C. Birnbaum (1)1


Esseks Rosemary J. EsseksRosemary J. Esseks (1)1


Lyne Bill LyneBill Lyne (1)1


González Rigoberto GonzálezRigoberto González (1)1


Maetzener Nora MaetzenerNora Maetzener (1)1


Adult and Continuing Education, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Educational Leadership, Educational Methods, Educational Sociology, Higher Education, Liberal Studies, Prison Education and Reentry, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Sociology, University Extension
Henry Philip N. HenryPhilip N. Henry (1)1


Curiel James CurielJames Curiel (1)1


Bills David B. BillsDavid B. Bills (1)1


Delgado Enilda Arbona DelgadoEnilda Arbona Delgado (1)1


Sayre Robert F. SayreRobert F. Sayre (1)1


Maroukis Thomas C. MaroukisThomas C. Maroukis (1)1


Mowry Hua-yuan Li. MowryHua-yuan Li. Mowry (1)1


Singson Francine SingsonFrancine Singson (1)1


History, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sociology
Beharry David BeharryDavid Beharry (1)1


Garcia Lauren C. GarciaLauren C. Garcia (1)1


Organizational Communication, Politics and Social Change
Ratzan Scott C. RatzanScott C. Ratzan (1)1


Herzberg Nancy K. HerzbergNancy K. Herzberg (1)1


Ballinger Franchot BallingerFranchot Ballinger (1)1


Huntsman Jeffrey F. HuntsmanJeffrey F. Huntsman (1)1


Jolivétte Andrew JolivétteAndrew Jolivétte (1)1


Ruppert James RuppertJames Ruppert (1)1


Gras Delphine GrasDelphine Gras (1)1


Irby James B. IrbyJames B. Irby (1)1


McNeil Elizabeth A. McNeilElizabeth A. McNeil (1)1


Paniagua Ernestine PaniaguaErnestine Paniagua (1)1


Yagboyaju Dewale Adewale YagboyajuDewale Adewale Yagboyaju (1)1


Osei Peter Claudius OseiPeter Claudius Osei (1)1


Community-Based Learning, Criminology, Prison Education and Reentry, Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance, Social Work, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sociology
Berkey Leonard BerkeyLeonard Berkey (1)1


Buege Douglas J. BuegeDouglas J. Buege (1)1


Hollenback Jess HollenbackJess Hollenback (1)1


Singh Simboonath SinghSimboonath Singh (1)1


Roinila Mika RoinilaMika Roinila (1)1


DeMirjyn Maricela DeMirjynMaricela DeMirjyn (1)1


Jacobs Connie JacobsConnie Jacobs (1)1


Nilsen Don NilsenDon Nilsen (1)1


Williams Vernon J. Williams Jr.Vernon J. Williams Jr. (1)1


Mercado Olivia MercadoOlivia Mercado (1)1


Leonard Karen B. LeonardKaren B. Leonard (1)1


Khoury Dalia KhouryDalia Khoury (1)1


Counseling Psychology, Multicultural Psychology, Social Work, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Bailey Minnie T. BaileyMinnie T. Bailey (1)1


Garcia Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia (1)1


Werlock Abby H. P. WerlockAbby H. P. Werlock (1)1


Ramirez Arthur RamirezArthur Ramirez (1)1


Gold Steve GoldSteve Gold (1)1


Patton Venetria K. PattonVenetria K. Patton (1)1


Zolbrod Paul G. ZolbrodPaul G. Zolbrod (1)1


Hart Danae HartDanae Hart (1)1


Briscoe David L. BriscoeDavid L. Briscoe (1)1


Williams Jimmy L. WilliamsJimmy L. Williams (1)1


Chinea Jorge L. ChineaJorge L. Chinea (1)1


Ling Amy LingAmy Ling (1)1


Whalley Elizabeth WhalleyElizabeth Whalley (1)1


Abner Julie LaMay AbnerJulie LaMay Abner (1)1


Roach Rebecca RoachRebecca Roach (1)1


Haralovich Mary Beth HaralovichMary Beth Haralovich (1)1


Miller Fayneese MillerFayneese Miller (1)1


Loken Scott LokenScott Loken (1)1


Walzer Andrew WalzerAndrew Walzer (1)1


Garcia Claire GarciaClaire Garcia (1)1


Boutte Rachel L. BoutteRachel L. Boutte (1)1


Behavioral Medicine, Other Mental and Social Health, Psychological Phenomena and Processes, Psychology, Women's Health
Khater Akram KhaterAkram Khater (1)1


McDonald David R. McDonaldDavid R. McDonald (1)1


Van Dyke Annette Van DykeAnnette Van Dyke (1)1


Robinson James Adolph RobinsonJames Adolph Robinson (1)1


Hoglund A. William HoglundA. William Hoglund (1)1


Ostenby Peter M. OstenbyPeter M. Ostenby (1)1


Mann Thomas Mann JrThomas Mann Jr (1)1


Pett Steve PettSteve Pett (1)1


Harris Marvin HarrisMarvin Harris (1)1


Parker Keith D. ParkerKeith D. Parker (1)1


Lee Tony Jamal LeeTony Jamal Lee (1)1


Perry James A. PerryJames A. Perry (1)1


Hein Jeremy HeinJeremy Hein (1)1


Wardi Anissa Janine WardiAnissa Janine Wardi (1)1


Koehler Robert KoehlerRobert Koehler (1)1


Stewart R. Dennis StewartR. Dennis Stewart (1)1


Partridge Jeff PartridgeJeff Partridge (1)1


Khushalani Jaya Shankar KhushalaniJaya Shankar Khushalani (1)1


Econometrics, Health Policy, Health and Medical Administration, Neoplasms, Surgical Procedures, Operative
Gold Harry GoldHarry Gold (1)1


Grove Jonathan GroveJonathan Grove (1)1


Tso Yi-Hsuan TsoYi-Hsuan Tso (1)1


French Laurence A. FrenchLaurence A. French (1)1


Sanchez Thomas W. SanchezThomas W. Sanchez (1)1


Lindsey Shawna LindseyShawna Lindsey (1)1


Hussein Jeylan Wolyie HusseinJeylan Wolyie Hussein (1)1


Shinagawa Larry ShinagawaLarry Shinagawa (1)1


Kasee Cynthia KaseeCynthia Kasee (1)1


Grigsby Eugene Grigsby Jr.Eugene Grigsby Jr. (1)1


Schnell James A. SchnellJames A. Schnell (1)1


Sullivan Joan Wynne SullivanJoan Wynne Sullivan (1)1


Tumer Faythe TumerFaythe Tumer (1)1


Simba Malik SimbaMalik Simba (1)1


Lin Ruey-Lin LinRuey-Lin Lin (1)1


Forbes Wesley T. ForbesWesley T. Forbes (1)1


Grenier Guillermo J. GrenierGuillermo J. Grenier (1)1


Gynan Shaw N. GynanShaw N. Gynan (1)1


Skjervold Christian K. SkjervoldChristian K. Skjervold (1)1


Dean Freddy DeanFreddy Dean (1)1


Kanhai Rosanne KanhaiRosanne Kanhai (1)1


Cuadraz Gloria H. CuadrazGloria H. Cuadraz (1)1


Howarth Heidi HowarthHeidi Howarth (1)1


Momodu Abiodun L. MomoduAbiodun L. Momodu (1)1


Webster Regina E. WebsterRegina E. Webster (1)1


Illovsky Michael IllovskyMichael Illovsky (1)1


Leonard Karen LeonardKaren Leonard (1)1


Avakian Arlene AvakianArlene Avakian (1)1


Mujicinovic Fatima MujicinovicFatima Mujicinovic (1)1


Isabirye Stephen B. IsabiryeStephen B. Isabirye (1)1


Niemann Yolanda Flores NiemannYolanda Flores Niemann (1)1


Sheley Joseph F. SheleyJoseph F. Sheley (1)1


McClain Shirla McClainShirla McClain (1)1


Finnie Scott FinnieScott Finnie (1)1


Hooper Cliff I. Hooper Sr.Cliff I. Hooper Sr. (1)1


Yoshioka Robert YoshiokaRobert Yoshioka (1)1


Perez Michael P. PerezMichael P. Perez (1)1


Rodnon Steward RodnonSteward Rodnon (1)1


Beaudin Janice BeaudinJanice Beaudin (1)1


San Juan E. San JrJuan E. San Jr (1)1


Warshawsky Robert WarshawskyRobert Warshawsky (1)1


Ruggiero Chris RuggieroChris Ruggiero (1)1


Jackson Monica L. JacksonMonica L. Jackson (1)1


Gil-Gomez Ellen M. Gil-GomezEllen M. Gil-Gomez (1)1


Linebaugh Barbara LinebaughBarbara Linebaugh (1)1


Sisney Mary SisneyMary Sisney (1)1


Langford Jeff LangfordJeff Langford (1)1


Page Helan E. PageHelan E. Page (1)1


Estes Davis A. EstesDavis A. Estes (1)1


Gould Kerin GouldKerin Gould (1)1


Anderson Crystal S. AndersonCrystal S. Anderson (1)1


Davary Bahar DavaryBahar Davary (1)1


Valdes Ricardo ValdesRicardo Valdes (1)1


Whiteland Susan R. WhitelandSusan R. Whiteland (1)1


Adult and Continuing Education, Art Education, Art Practice, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Family, Life Course, and Society, Fine Arts, Gerontology, Inequality and Stratification, Place and Environment, Politics and Social Change, Service Learning, Social Work, Urban Studies and Planning
Avalos Manuel AvalosManuel Avalos (1)1


Hall Precious D. HallPrecious D. Hall (1)1


Gradilla Alexandro José GradillaAlexandro José Gradilla (1)1


Duran Jane DuranJane Duran (1)1


Sciachitano Marian M. SciachitanoMarian M. Sciachitano (1)1


Palmerhall Juanita PalmerhallJuanita Palmerhall (1)1


Aliano David AlianoDavid Aliano (1)1


Wendland Joel WendlandJoel Wendland (1)1


Clair Robin P. ClairRobin P. Clair (1)1


Rodriquez Joe E. RodriquezJoe E. Rodriquez (1)1


Medina José MedinaJosé Medina (1)1


Morris Ann R. MorrisAnn R. Morris (1)1


Garcia Eugene E. GarciaEugene E. Garcia (1)1


Perez Lorna L. PerezLorna L. Perez (1)1


Uttal Lynet UttalLynet Uttal (1)1


Purdy John PurdyJohn Purdy (1)1


Mohapatra Manindra Kumar MohapatraManindra Kumar Mohapatra (1)1


Negroni Lirio K. NegroniLirio K. Negroni (1)1


Social Work, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Michalikova Nina MichalikovaNina Michalikova (1)1


Matudi G.I. MatudiG.I. Matudi (1)1


Harrison Jullian HarrisonJullian Harrison (1)1


Educational Sociology, Inequality and Stratification, Place and Environment, Social Psychology and Interaction, Theory, Knowledge and Science
Lee Michael LeeMichael Lee (1)1


Gems Gerald R. GemsGerald R. Gems (1)1


Jones David JonesDavid Jones (1)1


Rice Julian RiceJulian Rice (1)1


Garr Daniel GarrDaniel Garr (1)1


Despain LaRene DespainLaRene Despain (1)1


Payne James Robert PayneJames Robert Payne (1)1


Nandi Proshanta K. NandiProshanta K. Nandi (1)1


Gonzalez LaVerne GonzalezLaVerne Gonzalez (1)1


Goska Danusha V. GoskaDanusha V. Goska (1)1


Dávila Brianne DávilaBrianne Dávila (1)1


Churchill Stacy ChurchillStacy Churchill (1)1


Parming Tönu ParmingTönu Parming (1)1


Kanellos Nicolás KanellosNicolás Kanellos (1)1


Bathurst Laura BathurstLaura Bathurst (1)1


Terrell Melvin TerrellMelvin Terrell (1)1


Spencer Rainer SpencerRainer Spencer (1)1


Zanazanian Paul ZanazanianPaul Zanazanian (1)1


Skovira Robert J. SkoviraRobert J. Skovira (1)1


Mattai P. Rudy MattaiP. Rudy Mattai (1)1


Ngin CorSwang NginCorSwang Ngin (1)1


Champion Ernest A. ChampionErnest A. Champion (1)1


Friedman Norman L. FriedmanNorman L. Friedman (1)1


Willard William WillardWilliam Willard (1)1


Bui Ngoc H. BuiNgoc H. Bui (1)1


Hunt Charles W. HuntCharles W. Hunt (1)1


Cheng Emily ChengEmily Cheng (1)1


East Asian Languages and Societies, Education, Education Economics, Engineering, Higher Education, Inequality and Stratification, Law, Leadership Studies, Multicultural Psychology, Politics and Social Change, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies, Science and Mathematics Education, Social Psychology, Social Psychology and Interaction, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Work, Economy and Organizations
Kilty Keith M. KiltyKeith M. Kilty (1)1


Pillow Lisa PillowLisa Pillow (1)1


Aja Alan A. AjaAlan A. Aja (1)1


Conyers James L. Conyers Jr.James L. Conyers Jr. (1)1


Giugliano Angelo A. GiuglianoAngelo A. Giugliano (1)1


Ortiz Simon J. OrtizSimon J. Ortiz (1)1


Dunlap Leslie K. DunlapLeslie K. Dunlap (1)1


Kim Barbara W. KimBarbara W. Kim (1)1


Jones Regina V. JonesRegina V. Jones (1)1


Willis-Esqueda Cynthia Willis-EsquedaCynthia Willis-Esqueda (1)1


Turley Catherine Udall TurleyCatherine Udall Turley (1)1


Singh Gitanjali SinghGitanjali Singh (1)1


Seller Maxine Schwartz SellerMaxine Schwartz Seller (1)1


Sherohman James SherohmanJames Sherohman (1)1


Schmidt Ronald SchmidtRonald Schmidt (1)1


Cannon W. Gary CannonW. Gary Cannon (1)1


Doi Richard DoiRichard Doi (1)1


Williams Vernon J. WilliamsVernon J. Williams (1)1


Pierre- Louis Sasha A. Pierre- LouisSasha A. Pierre- Louis (1)1


Social and Behavioral Sciences, Work, Economy and Organizations
Lottie Adrian J. LottieAdrian J. Lottie (1)1


Fystrom Linda FystromLinda Fystrom (1)1


Holford Vanessa HolfordVanessa Holford (1)1


Kumagai Gloria L. KumagaiGloria L. Kumagai (1)1


Glazier Jack GlazierJack Glazier (1)1


Nowatzki Robert NowatzkiRobert Nowatzki (1)1


Goldstein David S. GoldsteinDavid S. Goldstein (1)1


Conforti Joseph M. ConfortiJoseph M. Conforti (1)1


Quirarte Jacinto QuirarteJacinto Quirarte (1)1


Birch Barbara BirchBarbara Birch (1)1


Sato Robert T. SatoRobert T. Sato (1)1


Sperber Jason SperberJason Sperber (1)1


Lafky James L. LafkyJames L. Lafky (1)1


Weber Brom WeberBrom Weber (1)1


Konuwa Alfred B. Konuwa JrAlfred B. Konuwa Jr (1)1


Torres Sara TorresSara Torres (1)1


Lipscomb LaFayette W. LipscombLaFayette W. Lipscomb (1)1


Lundin Judith LundinJudith Lundin (1)1


Ternikar Farha TernikarFarha Ternikar (1)1


Yang Kou YangKou Yang (1)1


Binda Hilary BindaHilary Binda (1)1


Adult and Continuing Education, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Educational Leadership, Educational Methods, Educational Sociology, Higher Education, Liberal Studies, Prison Education and Reentry, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Sociology, University Extension
Manning-Miller Carmen L. Manning-MillerCarmen L. Manning-Miller (1)1


Chua C. L. ChuaC. L. Chua (1)1


Hidle Jade HidleJade Hidle (1)1


Prins Harald E. L. PrinsHarald E. L. Prins (1)1


Howell Gladys David HowellGladys David Howell (1)1


Baumgartner Kabria BaumgartnerKabria Baumgartner (1)1


Knottnerus J. David KnottnerusJ. David Knottnerus (1)1


Mack Carl Mack Jr.Carl Mack Jr. (1)1


Mueller Charles MuellerCharles Mueller (1)1


Ugorji Basil UgorjiBasil Ugorji (1)1


Baukus Robert A. BaukusRobert A. Baukus (1)1


Jackson Jesse JacksonJesse Jackson (1)1


Eller Jack David EllerJack David Eller (1)1


Zimmerman Robert N. ZimmermanRobert N. Zimmerman (1)1


Cole William S. ColeWilliam S. Cole (1)1


Tashima Niel TashimaNiel Tashima (1)1


Evans David Chin EvansDavid Chin Evans (1)1


Verschelden Cia VerscheldenCia Verschelden (1)1


Elenes C. Alejandra ElenesC. Alejandra Elenes (1)1


Spraker Rachel SprakerRachel Spraker (1)1


Place and Environment
Miranda M. L. (Tony) MirandaM. L. (Tony) Miranda (1)1


Potts James B. PottsJames B. Potts (1)1


Morales-Díaz Enrique Morales-DíazEnrique Morales-Díaz (1)1


Smith Lindsey Claire SmithLindsey Claire Smith (1)1


Jonse Allene JonseAllene Jonse (1)1


Ayers Keller Delores AyersKeller Delores Ayers (1)1


Gülçur A. Lâmia GülçurA. Lâmia Gülçur (1)1


Winfrey William L. WinfreyWilliam L. Winfrey (1)1


Lucas Emma Turner LucasEmma Turner Lucas (1)1


Mocombe Paul C. MocombePaul C. Mocombe (1)1


Husain Asad HusainAsad Husain (1)1


Yee Shirley J. YeeShirley J. Yee (1)1


Stanke Michael J. StankeMichael J. Stanke (1)1


Gorski William GorskiWilliam Gorski (1)1


Bartlett Andy BartlettAndy Bartlett (1)1


Wickline Mary K. WicklineMary K. Wickline (1)1


Educational Sociology, Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance
Johnson Vernon D. JohnsonVernon D. Johnson (1)1


Codina Edward CodinaEdward Codina (1)1


Endicott Kirk EndicottKirk Endicott (1)1


McGoun Michael J. McGounMichael J. McGoun (1)1


Perry Robert PerryRobert Perry (1)1


Khare Brij B. KhareBrij B. Khare (1)1


Ögüt Özlem ÖgütÖzlem Ögüt (1)1


Zbaracki Jacqueline Ulmen ZbarackiJacqueline Ulmen Zbaracki (1)1


Alemán J. AlemánJ. Alemán (1)1


Okada Victor OkadaVictor Okada (1)1


Cserno Isabel CsernoIsabel Cserno (1)1


Brown Candace BrownCandace Brown (1)1


Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms, Gerontology, Other Social and Behavioral Sciences, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies
Roberts Nina S. RobertsNina S. Roberts (1)1


Laughlin Margaret LaughlinMargaret Laughlin (1)1


Alexander Lisa Doris AlexanderLisa Doris Alexander (1)1


Görey Özlem GöreyÖzlem Görey (1)1


Darity William Darity Jr.William Darity Jr. (1)1


Solis Lena SolisLena Solis (1)1


Gershon Sarah M. GershonSarah M. Gershon (1)1


Martin Kristine L. MartinKristine L. Martin (1)1


Lee Chang Won LeeChang Won Lee (1)1


Ortega Suzanne T. OrtegaSuzanne T. Ortega (1)1


Kim Sue J. KimSue J. Kim (1)1


Rodriguez Donald A. RodriguezDonald A. Rodriguez (1)1


Hayes Floyd w. Hayes IIIFloyd w. Hayes III (1)1


Smith Starlita SmithStarlita Smith (1)1


Roberts David C. RobertsDavid C. Roberts (1)1


Urrea Barbara UrreaBarbara Urrea (1)1


Deloria Vine Deloria JrVine Deloria Jr (1)1


Savells Jerry SavellsJerry Savells (1)1


Farnham April FarnhamApril Farnham (1)1


Thorson Gerald ThorsonGerald Thorson (1)1


McClendon John McClendonJohn McClendon (1)1


Zapata Jesse T. ZapataJesse T. Zapata (1)1


Olurode 'Lai Olurode'Lai Olurode (1)1


Young Freddie G. YoungFreddie G. Young (1)1


Ray Phyllis G. RayPhyllis G. Ray (1)1


Cai Hong CaiHong Cai (1)1


Early Kevin E. EarlyKevin E. Early (1)1


Tobin Sarah TobinSarah Tobin (1)1


Ponder Justin PonderJustin Ponder (1)1


Okihiro Gary OkihiroGary Okihiro (1)1


Harlan Jon R. HarlanJon R. Harlan (1)1


Denfeld Mic DenfeldMic Denfeld (1)1


Brimhall Douglas D. BrimhallDouglas D. Brimhall (1)1


Hadley Lee HadleyLee Hadley (1)1


Kahn Arnold KahnArnold Kahn (1)1


Diaz Maria-Elena D. DiazMaria-Elena D. Diaz (1)1


Teboh Bridget A. TebohBridget A. Teboh (1)1


Kaldi Rom Leita KaldiRom Leita Kaldi (1)1


Fader Ayala FaderAyala Fader (1)1


Baruah Jonali BaruahJonali Baruah (1)1


Social Work, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Acosta Belinda AcostaBelinda Acosta (1)1


Mitchell Daniel MitchellDaniel Mitchell (1)1


Wilson Sharon K. WilsonSharon K. Wilson (1)1


Gayles Jonathan GaylesJonathan Gayles (1)1


Warren Dennis M. WarrenDennis M. Warren (1)1


Rooff J. L. RooffJ. L. Rooff (1)1


Murrah Scott W. MurrahScott W. Murrah (1)1


Criminology, Politics and Social Change, Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance
Singer Jeff SingerJeff Singer (1)1


Wang Ying WangYing Wang (1)1


Ramirez Albert RamirezAlbert Ramirez (1)1


Lattin Vernon E. LattinVernon E. Lattin (1)1


D' Anca Alfred D' R.Anca Alfred D' R. (1)1


Pilgrim Tim A. PilgrimTim A. Pilgrim (1)1


Bartlett Andrew BartlettAndrew Bartlett (1)1


Hee Kimberly S. HeeKimberly S. Hee (1)1


Carter Steven R. CarterSteven R. Carter (1)1


Schau Hope J. SchauHope J. Schau (1)1


Yang Philip Q. Yang .Philip Q. Yang . (1)1


Martinez Maurice M. MartinezMaurice M. Martinez (1)1


Moses Wilson J. MosesWilson J. Moses (1)1


Aptheker Herbert ApthekerHerbert Aptheker (1)1


Shillinger Sarah R. ShillingerSarah R. Shillinger (1)1


Kraig Glenn M. KraigGlenn M. Kraig (1)1


Brooks Kristina BrooksKristina Brooks (1)1


Whiteford Michael B. WhitefordMichael B. Whiteford (1)1


González Alex GonzálezAlex González (1)1


Christian Shawn Anthony ChristianShawn Anthony Christian (1)1


Scott Carol J. ScottCarol J. Scott (1)1


Brown Nadia BrownNadia Brown (1)1


Jenkins Verdia JenkinsVerdia Jenkins (1)1


Vining-Brown Shirley Vining-BrownShirley Vining-Brown (1)1


Castillo Richard Griswold del CastilloRichard Griswold del Castillo (1)1


Jettner Jennifer F. JettnerJennifer F. Jettner (1)1


Civic and Community Engagement, Environmental Studies, Food Studies, Social Work, Urban Studies and Planning
Lowe John LoweJohn Lowe (1)1


Henry JoAnne F. HenryJoAnne F. Henry (1)1


Yin Zenong YinZenong Yin (1)1


Soldatenko Michael SoldatenkoMichael Soldatenko (1)1


Segal Bernard E. SegalBernard E. Segal (1)1


Weinberg Jill D. WeinbergJill D. Weinberg (1)1


Adult and Continuing Education, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Educational Leadership, Educational Methods, Educational Sociology, Higher Education, Liberal Studies, Prison Education and Reentry, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Sociology, University Extension
Shugart Caroline ShugartCaroline Shugart (1)1


Richards John B. RichardsJohn B. Richards (1)1


Henry Paula M. HenryPaula M. Henry (1)1


Wittmann Livia Käthe WittmannLivia Käthe Wittmann (1)1


Han Chong-suk HanChong-suk Han (1)1


Adachi Nobuko AdachiNobuko Adachi (1)1


Young Linda P. YoungLinda P. Young (1)1


Wardi Anissa J. WardiAnissa J. Wardi (1)1


Evans Arthur S. Evans Jr.Arthur S. Evans Jr. (1)1


Henry Charles P. HenryCharles P. Henry (1)1


Nuñez-Janes Mariela Nuñez-JanesMariela Nuñez-Janes (1)1


Vernon Irene S. VernonIrene S. Vernon (1)1


Traynham Warner R. TraynhamWarner R. Traynham (1)1


Schuster Helen SchusterHelen Schuster (1)1


Brydon Barbara BrydonBarbara Brydon (1)1


Walker Margaret A. WalkerMargaret A. Walker (1)1


Art Education, Art Practice, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Fine Arts, Politics and Social Change
Do My DoMy Do (1)1


Luebke Barbara R. LuebkeBarbara R. Luebke (1)1


Nilsen Alleen NilsenAlleen Nilsen (1)1


Peters Melvin T. PetersMelvin T. Peters (1)1


Golden Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden (1)1


Tucker Ronnie B. Tucker Sr.Ronnie B. Tucker Sr. (1)1


Eijo de Tezanos Pinto Maria A. Eijo de Tezanos PintoMaria A. Eijo de Tezanos Pinto (1)1


Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminology, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Inequality and Stratification, Latina/o Studies, Law and Race, Other Political Science, Political Science
Fugita Stephen S. FugitaStephen S. Fugita (1)1


Reid Susan ReidSusan Reid (1)1


Feldman Andrew FeldmanAndrew Feldman (1)1


Rivera Carmen Haydée RiveraCarmen Haydée Rivera (1)1


Maynor Louise C. MaynorLouise C. Maynor (1)1


Roemer Kenneth M. RoemerKenneth M. Roemer (1)1


Johnson M.K. JohnsonM.K. Johnson (1)1


Cox Gerry R. CoxGerry R. Cox (1)1


Ling Susie LingSusie Ling (1)1


Lee D. John LeeD. John Lee (1)1


Norris Jessica R. NorrisJessica R. Norris (1)1


Art Education, Art Practice, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Disability and Equity in Education, Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Educational Methods, Inequality and Stratification, Photography, Place and Environment, Politics and Social Change, Regional Sociology, Service Learning, Social Work, Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Sociology, Special Education and Teaching
Auser Cortland AuserCortland Auser (1)1


Mendoza Aloma M. MendozaAloma M. Mendoza (1)1


Nelson G. Lynn NelsonG. Lynn Nelson (1)1


Rosecrans Sheila RosecransSheila Rosecrans (1)1


Wright Willie WrightWillie Wright (1)1


Kaprielian-Churchill Isabel Kaprielian-ChurchillIsabel Kaprielian-Churchill (1)1


Henderson James D. HendersonJames D. Henderson (1)1


Striano Ron StrianoRon Striano (1)1


Hentges Sarah HentgesSarah Hentges (1)1


Zanger Martin ZangerMartin Zanger (1)1


Happle Marvin J. HappleMarvin J. Happle (1)1


Scoutten Jennifer L. ScouttenJennifer L. Scoutten (1)1


Stasiulis Daiva K. StasiulisDaiva K. Stasiulis (1)1


Edwards Jennifer EdwardsJennifer Edwards (1)1


Pagan Darlene PaganDarlene Pagan (1)1


Wilson Le Von E. WilsonLe Von E. Wilson (1)1


Eller Jack EllerJack Eller (1)1


Jensen Jennifer JensenJennifer Jensen (1)1


Bracy James BracyJames Bracy (1)1


Frigerio Alexandra FrigerioAlexandra Frigerio (1)1


Social and Behavioral Sciences
Wood Marisa WoodMarisa Wood (1)1


Inequality and Stratification, Social Psychology and Interaction, Sociology of Culture
Wilson Norma C. WilsonNorma C. Wilson (1)1


Herrnstadt Richard HerrnstadtRichard Herrnstadt (1)1


Clarke George E. ClarkeGeorge E. Clarke (1)1


McClain Shirla R. McClainShirla R. McClain (1)1


Wegner Gregory Paul WegnerGregory Paul Wegner (1)1


Akalou W. M. AkalouW. M. Akalou (1)1


Junne George JunneGeorge Junne (1)1


Cooper Andrea Kay CooperAndrea Kay Cooper (1)1


Rifareal Rebekah RifarealRebekah Rifareal (1)1


Arts and Humanities, Film and Media Studies, Sociology
Kim Kwang Chung KimKwang Chung Kim (1)1


Daniels Jean E. DanielsJean E. Daniels (1)1


Simmons Adolph Simmons Jr.Adolph Simmons Jr. (1)1


Finnäs Fjalar FinnäsFjalar Finnäs (1)1


Kania Richard R. E. KaniaRichard R. E. Kania (1)1


Stimpfl Joseph StimpflJoseph Stimpfl (1)1


Saarela Jan SaarelaJan Saarela (1)1


Jackson Trudie JacksonTrudie Jackson (1)1


Bonney Rachel A. BonneyRachel A. Bonney (1)1


Asai Susan Miyo AsaiSusan Miyo Asai (1)1


Zuck Rochelle Raineri ZuckRochelle Raineri Zuck (1)1


Shinn Thelma J. ShinnThelma J. Shinn (1)1


Theriault George F. TheriaultGeorge F. Theriault (1)1


Pauwels Marie-Christine PauwelsMarie-Christine Pauwels (1)1


Kelsey Mary E. KelseyMary E. Kelsey (1)1


Colona Jaclyn ColonaJaclyn Colona (1)1


Ramirez Catherine S. RamirezCatherine S. Ramirez (1)1


Mendible Myra MendibleMyra Mendible (1)1


Schulz Jennifer SchulzJennifer Schulz (1)1


Gems Gerald GemsGerald Gems (1)1


Manrique Cecilia G. ManriqueCecilia G. Manrique (1)1


Carey David Carey JrDavid Carey Jr (1)1


Sklar Dusty SklarDusty Sklar (1)1


Holstein Amara HolsteinAmara Holstein (1)1


Ofori-Dankwa Joseph Ofori-DankwaJoseph Ofori-Dankwa (1)1


Salcido Ramon SalcidoRamon Salcido (1)1


Rivera Margarita Tavera RiveraMargarita Tavera Rivera (1)1


Mahmoudi Kooros M. MahmoudiKooros M. Mahmoudi (1)1


Schneider Lindsey SchneiderLindsey Schneider (1)1


Irwin Ann IrwinAnn Irwin (1)1


Dauphinais Paul R. DauphinaisPaul R. Dauphinais (1)1


Gray James GrayJames Gray (1)1


Springfield Consuelo Lopez SpringfieldConsuelo Lopez Springfield (1)1


White Caroline WhiteCaroline White (1)1


Perry Ravi PerryRavi Perry (1)1


Stevenson Pascha A. StevensonPascha A. Stevenson (1)1


Hodge Michael HodgeMichael Hodge (1)1


Bowers Neal BowersNeal Bowers (1)1


Gilkey George R. GilkeyGeorge R. Gilkey (1)1


Davenport Doris J. DavenportDoris J. Davenport (1)1


Monane J. H. MonaneJ. H. Monane (1)1


Videl de Haymes Maria Videl de HaymesMaria Videl de Haymes (1)1


Pearce Jonathan PearceJonathan Pearce (1)1


Bhattacharyya Ananda BhattacharyyaAnanda Bhattacharyya (1)1


Hernandez Frances HernandezFrances Hernandez (1)1


Webb Farrell J. WebbFarrell J. Webb (1)1


Hussain Asifa M. HussainAsifa M. Hussain (1)1


Morris Christine MorrisChristine Morris (1)1


Heimerl John HeimerlJohn Heimerl (1)1


Skinner-Osei Precious Skinner-OseiPrecious Skinner-Osei (1)1


Community-Based Learning, Criminology, Prison Education and Reentry, Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance, Social Work, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sociology
De Silva Elvira Craig De SilvaElvira Craig De Silva (1)1


Hada Kenneth HadaKenneth Hada (1)1


Hansell William H. HansellWilliam H. Hansell (1)1


Carranza Miguel CarranzaMiguel Carranza (1)1


Katims David S. KatimsDavid S. Katims (1)1


Bah Abu B. BahAbu B. Bah (1)1


Hug Bill HugBill Hug (1)1


Alvarez Alma Rosa AlvarezAlma Rosa Alvarez (1)1


Valdés Ricardo A. ValdésRicardo A. Valdés (1)1


Foster Thomas FosterThomas Foster (1)1


Fenelon James V. FenelonJames V. Fenelon (1)1


Miranda M.L. (Tony) MirandaM.L. (Tony) Miranda (1)1


Dunn Margaret M. DunnMargaret M. Dunn (1)1


Statzel R. Sophie StatzelR. Sophie Statzel (1)1


Roche John P. RocheJohn P. Roche (1)1


John Hershman JohnHershman John (1)1


Thornburg Jack ThornburgJack Thornburg (1)1


Bloodworth William A. Bloodworth JrWilliam A. Bloodworth Jr (1)1


Mastrangelo Frankie MastrangeloFrankie Mastrangelo (1)1


American Popular Culture, Communication Technology and New Media, Critical and Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication, Inequality and Stratification, Other Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Other Film and Media Studies, Other Sociology, Political Economy, Political Theory, Politics and Social Change, Rhetoric, Social Justice, Social Media, Sociology of Culture, Visual Studies, Women's Studies
Culp Mildred L. CulpMildred L. Culp (1)1


Pertusati Linda PertusatiLinda Pertusati (1)1


Porter Curtiss E. PorterCurtiss E. Porter (1)1


Reyes Migdalia ReyesMigdalia Reyes (1)1


Talero Álvarez Paula Talero ÁlvarezPaula Talero Álvarez (1)1


Children's and Young Adult Literature, Critical and Cultural Studies, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Film and Media Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication, Literature in English, North America
Crutchfield Susan CrutchfieldSusan Crutchfield (1)1


Momodu Jude A. MomoduJude A. Momodu (1)1


Hatfield John HatfieldJohn Hatfield (1)1


Kalloway Lois J. KallowayLois J. Kalloway (1)1


Litwin James L. LitwinJames L. Litwin (1)1


Allen Virginia AllenVirginia Allen (1)1


Clemmer Janice W. ClemmerJanice W. Clemmer (1)1


Zupicich Maryln ZupicichMaryln Zupicich (1)1


Anderson Marcia AndersonMarcia Anderson (1)1


Ngin ChorSwang NginChorSwang Ngin (1)1


Ray Melvin RayMelvin Ray (1)1


Thomas Krystal R. ThomasKrystal R. Thomas (1)1


Developmental Psychology
Scapp Ron ScappRon Scapp (1)1


Rubin Carolyn RubinCarolyn Rubin (1)1


Adult and Continuing Education, Civic and Community Engagement, Community-Based Learning, Community-Based Research, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Social Inquiry, Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research, Educational Leadership, Educational Methods, Educational Sociology, Higher Education, Liberal Studies, Prison Education and Reentry, Quantitative, Qualitative, Comparative, and Historical Methodologies, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Sociology, University Extension
Thachik Stefani ThachikStefani Thachik (1)1


Education, Education Policy, Educational Leadership, Higher Education, Policy Design, Analysis, and Evaluation, Policy History, Theory, and Methods
Sodowsky Gargi Roysircar SodowskyGargi Roysircar Sodowsky (1)1


Adelman Howard AdelmanHoward Adelman (1)1


Fisher Celeste FisherCeleste Fisher (1)1


Martindale Vivian Faith MartindaleVivian Faith Martindale (1)1


Vellon Peter G. VellonPeter G. Vellon (1)1


Sarna Jonathan D. SarnaJonathan D. Sarna (1)1


Hanson-Smith Elizabeth Hanson-SmithElizabeth Hanson-Smith (1)1


Xing Jun XingJun Xing (1)1


Moore Andrea L.S. MooreAndrea L.S. Moore (1)1


Osvold Lise L. OsvoldLise L. Osvold (1)1


Faltis Deborah FaltisDeborah Faltis (1)1


Brown Foster BrownFoster Brown (1)1


Alesan Dawkins Marcia AlesanDawkins Marcia Alesan (1)1


Champion Ernest ChampionErnest Champion (1)1


Portales Marco PortalesMarco Portales (1)1


Garcia Homer D. C. GarciaHomer D. C. Garcia (1)1


Bucci Diane Todd BucciDiane Todd Bucci (1)1


Payne J. Gregory PayneJ. Gregory Payne (1)1


Fachin Dina FachinDina Fachin (1)1


Cho MiJin ChoMiJin Cho (1)1


Inequality and Stratification, Korean Studies
Motoyama Kate MotoyamaKate Motoyama (1)1


Green Ricky GreenRicky Green (1)1


Burwell Yolanda BurwellYolanda Burwell (1)1


McKinney Robin McKinneyRobin McKinney (1)1


Pégram Scooter PégramScooter Pégram (1)1


GalIi Marcia J. GalIiMarcia J. GalIi (1)1


Entwisle Barbara EntwisleBarbara Entwisle (1)1


Blaker Margaret C. BlakerMargaret C. Blaker (1)1


Silet Charles L.P. SiletCharles L.P. Silet (1)1


Hunnicutt John M. HunnicuttJohn M. Hunnicutt (1)1


Page Cedric D. PageCedric D. Page (1)1


Fausz J. Frederick FauszJ. Frederick Fausz (1)1


Skinner Cruz SkinnerCruz Skinner (1)1


Bennett Barbara A. BennettBarbara A. Bennett (1)1


Samuel V. Thomas SamuelV. Thomas Samuel (1)1


Basa Eniko Molnar BasaEniko Molnar Basa (1)1


Scherini Rose ScheriniRose Scherini (1)1


Carlson Susan CarlsonSusan Carlson (1)1


Dossar Kenneth DossarKenneth Dossar (1)1


Saphan LinDa SaphanLinDa Saphan (1)1


Sundheim Ruth SundheimRuth Sundheim (1)1


Ainyette Ivan AinyetteIvan Ainyette (1)1


Perry Kai M. PerryKai M. Perry (1)1


Avellino Jay AvellinoJay Avellino (1)1


Clark William Bedford ClarkWilliam Bedford Clark (1)1


Williams Nudie Eugene WilliamsNudie Eugene Williams (1)1


Baumann Donald J. BaumannDonald J. Baumann (1)1


Gaytán Marie Sarita GaytánMarie Sarita Gaytán (1)1


Karenga Maulana KarengaMaulana Karenga (1)1


Puccinelli Ellen PuccinelliEllen Puccinelli (1)1


Rader Dean RaderDean Rader (1)1


Makarewicz Joseph T. MakarewiczJoseph T. Makarewicz (1)1


Delgado Linda DelgadoLinda Delgado (1)1


Vaz Pelgy VazPelgy Vaz (1)1


French Laurence FrenchLaurence French (1)1


Gilbert Robert L. GilbertRobert L. Gilbert (1)1


Carter Gregory T. CarterGregory T. Carter (1)1


Walker Jean WalkerJean Walker (1)1


Bradley K. J. BradleyK. J. Bradley (1)1


Friaz Guadalupe FriazGuadalupe Friaz (1)1


Walsh Helen Kathleen WalshHelen Kathleen Walsh (1)1


Jen Clare Ching JenClare Ching Jen (1)1


Wooden Wayne S. WoodenWayne S. Wooden (1)1


Patterson Wayne PattersonWayne Patterson (1)1


Brown Letisha Engracia Brown CardosoLetisha Engracia Brown Cardoso (1)1


Chama Brian ChamaBrian Chama (1)1


Chandler Robin M. ChandlerRobin M. Chandler (1)1


Price Steven R. PriceSteven R. Price (1)1


Wong Deborah WongDeborah Wong (1)1


Vowell Faye VowellFaye Vowell (1)1


Braziel Jana Evans BrazielJana Evans Braziel (1)1


Kachel Douglas KachelDouglas Kachel (1)1


Hollis Deborah HollisDeborah Hollis (1)1


Garcia MaryEllen GarciaMaryEllen Garcia (1)1


Alhadeff Judea AlhadeffJudea Alhadeff (1)1


Kinloch Graham C. KinlochGraham C. Kinloch (1)1


Fairchild Tabitha FairchildTabitha Fairchild (1)1


Sociology, Sociology of Culture
Clark Heather D. ClarkHeather D. Clark (1)1


Stamper Virginia StamperVirginia Stamper (1)1


Gray-Ray Phyllis Gray-RayPhyllis Gray-Ray (1)1


Myers Linda Buck MyersLinda Buck Myers (1)1


Solomon Albert SolomonAlbert Solomon (1)1


Bowen Sandra E. BowenSandra E. Bowen (1)1


Miller Elaine King MillerElaine King Miller (1)1


Mowry Hua-yuan Li MowryHua-yuan Li Mowry (1)1


Evans Arthur S. Evans JrArthur S. Evans Jr (1)1


Simmons Matthew SimmonsMatthew Simmons (1)1


Shaheen Shabana ShaheenShabana Shaheen (1)1


Asian American Studies, Demography, Population, and Ecology, Ethnic Studies, Inequality and Stratification, Politics and Social Change, Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies, Sociology, South and Southeast Asian Languages and Societies
Nimura Tamiko Fiona NimuraTamiko Fiona Nimura (1)1


Macias Jose MaciasJose Macias (1)1


Salk Erwin A. SalkErwin A. Salk (1)1


Hamilton Darrick HamiltonDarrick Hamilton (1)1


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