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Authors in Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Authors in Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Last NameAuthorArticlesWorksRelated Disciplines
Yang Shibing YangShibing Yang (2)2


Medicine and Health Sciences
McAlindon Timothy McAlindonTimothy McAlindon (2)2


Medicine and Health Sciences
Lapane Kate L. LapaneKate L. Lapane (2)2


Medicine and Health Sciences
Jawahar Rachel JawaharRachel Jawahar (2)2


Medicine and Health Sciences
Eaton Charles B. EatonCharles B. Eaton (2)2


Medicine and Health Sciences
Agrawal Dinesh Chandra AgrawalDinesh Chandra Agrawal (1)1


Biology, Therapeutics
Nguyen Tyler L. NguyenTyler L. Nguyen (1)1


Vo Ngoc T. VoNgoc T. Vo (1)1


Medical Pharmacology, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics and Drug Design
Wu Fang-Sheng WuFang-Sheng Wu (1)1


Biology, Therapeutics
Tran Valerie L. TranValerie L. Tran (1)1


Chemicals and Drugs, Investigative Techniques
Stillman Anthony D. StillmanAnthony D. Stillman (1)1


Biochemistry, Medicine and Health Sciences, Molecular Biology
Dupart Patrick S. DupartPatrick S. Dupart (1)1


Chemicals and Drugs, Medicine and Health Sciences, Organic Chemicals, Therapeutics
Cooper Cassandra N. CooperCassandra N. Cooper (1)1


Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Dental Hygiene, Dental Public Health and Education
Huang Shih-Hung HuangShih-Hung Huang (1)1


Biology, Therapeutics
Tsay Hsin-Sheng TsayHsin-Sheng Tsay (1)1


Biology, Therapeutics
Shah Habiba ShahHabiba Shah (1)1


Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Laboratory and Basic Science Research
Bevara Mounica BevaraMounica Bevara (1)1


Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Somatic Bodywork and Related Therapeutic Practices, Translational Medical Research, Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
Lack Sharon LackSharon Lack (1)1


Pediatric Nursing
Faircloth Amanda FairclothAmanda Faircloth (1)1




Bacteriology, Biotechnology, Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology, Immunology and Infectious Disease, Integrative Biology, Life Sciences, Molecular Biology, Other Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology, Other Microbiology, Pathogenic Microbiology
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