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Authors in Organic Chemicals

Authors in Organic Chemicals
Last NameAuthorArticlesWorksRelated Disciplines
Argade Malaika ArgadeMalaika Argade (1)1


Cognitive Neuroscience, Heterocyclic Compounds, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Huang Beverly HuangBeverly Huang (1)1


Mental Disorders, Other Chemicals and Drugs, Psychiatric and Mental Health
Yadav Barkha J. YadavBarkha J. Yadav (1)1


Chemical Actions and Uses, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Davies Rachel A. DaviesRachel A. Davies (1)1


Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutics, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Other Psychiatry and Psychology, Pharmacology, Substance Abuse and Addiction
Morla Shravan MorlaShravan Morla (1)1


Carbohydrates, Enzymes and Coenzymes, Lipids, Other Chemicals and Drugs
Verespy Stephen S. Verespy IIIStephen S. Verespy III (1)1


Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology, Biophysics, Carbohydrates, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chemicals and Drugs, Chemistry, Enzymes and Coenzymes, Heterocyclic Compounds, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal-Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Structural Biology
Taylor-Farmer Jalynn Taylor-FarmerJalynn Taylor-Farmer (1)1


Inorganic Chemicals
Kulkarni Abhishek S. KulkarniAbhishek S. Kulkarni (1)1


Behavioral Neurobiology, Heterocyclic Compounds, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dupart Patrick S. DupartPatrick S. Dupart (1)1


Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Chemicals and Drugs, Medicine and Health Sciences, Therapeutics
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