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Master of Science


Clinical Psychology

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Rosalie Corona


Despite growing awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and educational efforts to provide accurate information about sexually transmitted diseases (STD), young adults continue to engage in risky sexual practices that increase their vulnerability of acquiring an STD, including inconsistent condom use. Research has gathered ample evidence to suggest that the media, in particular television consumption, is directly linked with sexual risk, yet less is known about the potential mechanisms that may be driving this link. The present study examines body image and gender role attitudes as two potential mediators of this relationship. Three-hundred and four undergraduate students (73% female; 64% White) at a large, urban University completed questionnaires to assess television influence, body image, gender role attitudes, and sexual behavior, through an online-survey tool. Results yielded significant correlations among several predictors and condom use, although mediation was not achieved. Limitations, implications of the findings, and directions for future research are discussed.


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May 2011


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