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Doctor of Philosophy


Health Related Sciences

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Dr. Jonathan DeShazo

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Dr. Carolyn (Cindy) Watts

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Dr. Colin banas

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Dr. Sarah Scholle


This dissertation proposal seeks to understand if the increasingnumbers (density) of recognized PCMH practices incommunities affect avoidable hospitalizations related toambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC), as measured bythe AHRQ Composite Prevention Quality Indicators (PQI). Theresearch has two purposes: 1. Establish constructs and hypotheses to measurethe effect of the increasing numbers of NCQA-Recognized PCMH practices in communities(counties). 2. Using an outcomes-based measurement approach,investigate the relationship between growingdensities of NCQA-Recognized PCMH practicedoctors among all primary care doctors (PCD) ina community and the associated impact on theutilization of inpatient care, specifically related toACSCs, as measured by the AHRQ CompositePQIs.

The research is quasi-experimental in design and is based on aretrospective (2008–2011) analysis of existing data from theNCQA PCMH program, the AHRQ Composite PQI and theCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) NationalProvider Identification (NPI) databases. Analysis will linkNCQA-Recognized PCMH practices (independent variable),AHRQ Risk Adjusted Composite PQIs (dependent variable),and the CMS NPI (total PCDs) on Federal InformationProcessing Standard (FIPS) identifiers across 114 state andcounty-level geographical areas in Vermont and North Carolina.


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