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Nontsikelelo K Mutiti

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Wesley Taylor

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Amber Esseiva

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Michael Demps


This article is the first of a series exploring domination culture through the ways narrative has been indoctrinated as reality and weaponized as a holding cell for captives. Within this exploration, the narrative of domination is placed in relation to higher dimensional realms of the unknown; this being the before and after of domination culture. This positioning will allow for the reality of a simultaneous existence within the labyrinth of domination and a higher dimensional unknown to be framed. Within this series of articles, I question the roll of the rogue characters shamanistic agents of resisting domination, the fear of dark matter as a sub-narrative of domination, the power of submitting to the limits of human perception and the way perceived darkness can help unveil the structure of the narrative of domination. This article will begin to define this narrative and introduce the poetic freedom, of what lies beyond human perception.


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