This collection shares Open Educational Resources (OER) and affordable course content from across the VCU community.

The high cost of textbooks has been shown to have an adverse impact on students’ academic experience, from which classes they choose to their ability to succeed in those classes. Free course materials remove this financial barrier to access, increasing the possibility that students can succeed in their academic careers. Course materials with open licenses also allow faculty to tailor materials to their specific classes, creating engaging learning experiences for students.

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Submissions from 2021 2021


Foundations of Business [OER], Manika Avasthi

Submissions from 2020 2020


The Clinical Inquiry Process Diagram, Roy E. Brown


Structuring Online Lectures, Hope Y. Kelly PhD


Gender Identity and Gender Inclusivity: Lesson Plan for Virginia and U.S. Government, Kristina Lee


The History of Monuments and the Opportunity to Reimagine Them: A Lesson Plan for Virginia and U.S. Government, Kristina Lee


VCU Scholars Compass: Suggested Resources for Middle and High School Teachers, Kristina Lee

Submissions from 2019 2019


Research Methods in Sport Syllabus (Fall 2019), Gregory Greenhalgh

Submissions from 2018 2018


Sports Business Course Outline (Fall 2018), Brendan Dwyer

Submissions from 2017 2017


VCU Writes!, Focused Inquiry Textbook Committee

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