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Thu 10/21/202101:00pm - 02:30pm

The Division of Animal Resources (DAR) is hosting a workshop entitled "Rat 1.0: Restraint, IP and SQ Injections." This workshop provides demonstration and hands-on training for the following:

1. Basic restraint,
2. Subcutaneous injection techniques,
3. Intraperitoneal.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for novices to learn basic techniques for working with rats. Working in pairs, participants will remove rats from their cages and practice restraint necessary to administer compounds. This workshop is not intended for individuals proficient in handling rats. Individuals must be listed on an IACUC-approved protocol in order to participate in this workshop. Space is very limited; observers /non-animal handlers are discouraged from attending. All participants receive a certificate of completion. Those who do not handle animals during the workshop will not receive a certificate of attendance. We appreciate your cooperation. You will be contacted to request more information (such as, IACUC protocol number on which you are listed) after online registration. You will receive a `confirmation email` after we verify your status on the protocol. A reminder email will be sent about 1 week prior to the training date. You will be informed if you are on the waiting list for a particular session. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Bianca Parker, IACUC Manager at 828-5301 or bmparker@vcu.edu.

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