Closing Steps in a VNOC Consultation


  • When school division/agency and consultant are in agreement as to the report's contents, the consultant submits the final report with signature and invoice to school division/agency for payment.
  • School division/agency sends a request on school division/agency letterhead to the VNOC Coordinator indicating that:
    • The school division/agency has paid (consultant’s name) $xxx (amount) for the VNOC Consultation completed on (date of the consult) and is applying to VNOC for reimbursement.

Appropriate documentation of their payment to the consultant for services is needed (i.e., copy of purchase order or cancelled check issued to the consultant). This reimbursement request must include the Fed. Tax ID number. (See sample wording below.)

  • School division/agency completes an evaluation form on consultant services and sends to the VNOC Coordinator.
  • VNOC office issues reimbursement to school division/agency.

Sample wording for VNOC reimbursement request:

(School Division) has paid (Consultant’s name) $ xxx for VNOC consultation services completed on (date) and is applying to VNOC for reimbursement. Enclosed please find a copy of the (purchase order of cancelled check) indicating payment to the consultant for VNOC services.

The Federal Tax Identification number for (School Division) is: xxxxxxxxx.



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